Brightblack Morning Light’s new record “Motion to Rejoin” picks up
where their last, excellent self-titled record left off- slow motion
funk tinged psychedelic gospel washed in so much reverb that it sounds
like their songs were born in a thick, sun drenched swamp. A banner
on the bands’ website describes their ethos as well as anything could:
“Anti Corporate, Anti Nuclear, Anti Coal. Recorded with 4 solar
panels for Matador Records NYC”. You can imagine the cloud of smoke
in their alternative powered New Mexico adobe.
Call it teepee rock, call it freak folk, but Nathan Shineywater and
his organist (and BFF) Rachael Hughes are not the kind of hippies you
find lost in the parking lot at jamband shows. These are real ass
hippies in the Thoreau, commune, money-ain’t-a-thang, escape Babylon
sense. Their last record was recorded in a tent on the banks of a
river in Humboldt county California. On their tour announcements, the
band asks fans to pass along the locations of “inspirational”
campsites near the venues where they perform. Their tour riders
mandate "No U.S. Military entities in any form allowed within the
event." Free gigs in the redwood trees, and on the banks of the ocean
near big sur. Crystal Totem tours. Lots and lots of weed.

Motion to Rejoin is mood music, something to listen to
while smoking a joint on your porch as a thunderstorm approaches. On
the first record, the band let their music boil slowly, punctuating
songs with march like rhythms. On Motion to Rejoin, the songs simmer
and linger with drums almost entirely absent in the mix. The line
between songs is blurry. Lyrics are impossible to decipher. And it’s
beautiful, a record to dream to.

Brightblack Morning Light - Hologram Buffalo

Brightblack Morning Light - Oppressions Each

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