If you know me you know I love pretty girls, hence the pics. But you should also know that I love 80’s music. Madonna, Prince, Blondie, Depeche Mode, Beastie Boys, A-ha… all that shit. So last week my buddy Nick sent me this pretty cool Youtube clip that inspired me to do this post. It’s hard to find good old music online, but I tried my best to find some real heat.

I’m sure I’m not schooling anyone with this song, but it’s so damn good I gotta post it. My favorite 80’s song ever. Listen to more A-ha!

A-ha – Take on Me

“I Cant Wait” is my second favorite 80’s track. Nothing gets a party started like NU SHOOZ!!!

Nu Shooz – I Cant Wait [ZShare]

Nu Shooz – Point of No Return

And now for the most under appreciated Hip-hop song of the 80’s. It was sampled in Jay-Z’s “Sunshine” and E-40’s “White Girl” as well as others. What else can I say but Wow.

Boogie Boys – Fly Girl

Here are some more 80’s bangers I used to love as a kid-

Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer

Rod Stewart – Young Turks

Hall and Oates – Private Eyes

Audio Two – Top Billin’

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam w/ Full Force – I Wonder If I Take You Home [YSI]

Here is the cool YOUTUBE video that inspired me to do this 80’s post. Thanks Nick!

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