Tool – Sober (1993)

Just making it in under the wire for Music Video Monday. Been swamped at work and out of town, but here we are with the oddest of the MVM’s so far. I have 5 favorite music video artists, artists who put out groundbreaking music video after groundbreaking music video. Bjork, Busta Rhymes, Radiohead, Beastie Boys, and Tool. Every other artist has had at least one video posted on Golden Bloggen except Tool. So I have to give props to maybe the sickest metal group of all time.

I’m not a big fan of metal and didn’t listen to much rock music when I was a kid, but Tool’s videos always got me. Tools deep, heavy guitar riffs fit perfectly with their dark and disturbing videos that are so creepy and unsettling . But they’re so damn good. Their animation always intrigued me. I was still 9 when “Sober” came out, and I felt like I was watching something I wasn’t supposed to be. The video is from 1993 and looks eerily similar to “A Nightmare Before Christmas” which came out 3 years after.
And how is a young boy going to pass up a video with ‘sex’ in the title.
Tool – Prison Sex (1993)
This video is so freaky. Most Tool videos are hard to watch and hard to stomach. It’s like watching a mixture of gory horror and hardcore porn, but in a bad, scary way.
Tool – Stinkfist
I will pay someone a hundred dollars if they could explain Tool’s music videos. Especially this 10 minute epic with a nice cameo from Tricky. 
Tool – Parabola (2002) 

This had to be Tool’s biggest song. I remember hearing this everywhere senior year of high school.  And of course it’s a great, incredibly creative video.

Tool – Schism (2001)

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