Cardigans – Lovefool (1996)
Dir. Geoff Moore

I love The Cardigans. I think they are the greatest pop band of our time. That’s right, you heard me correctly. They make perfect pop songs, and lead singer Nina Persson’s voice is oh-so-dreamy. And then there is Garbage. Maybe The Cardigans’ rock counterpart. Great production, great leading front woman and superb music videos. I saw Garbage live some years back, Shirley Mason was rapping and pop-locking.  Fantastic!

Both these bands have been around forever. They both broke out and peaked in popularity in the mid-90’s. The Cardigans might even be considered a one-hit wonder. But they both have a great body of work. I started with the first Cardigans video I had ever seen and this was the first Garbage video I had ever seen. It’s so strange and creepy, I was hooked immediately. 

Garbage – Push It (1998)
Dir. Andrea Giacobbe

This Cardigans video was banned in a few countries, including America I believe. A Cardigans video getting banned? It’s not too violent, but there are a few scenes that the Disney crowd would frown at. You gotta love a video that gets banned though right. My man Jonas did this video too. Dude has a knack for inappropriate videos (see The Prodigy – “Smack My Bitch Up”).

The Cardigans – My Favourite Game (1998)
Dir. Jonas Akerlund

A great video that got runs on late night MTV and VH-1 on shows like Insomniac Music Theater, After Hours, and 120 Minutes.

Garbage – Special (1998)
Dir. Dawn Shadforth

Cool early Cardigans video. One of my favorite songs by them.

The Cardigans – Carnival (1995)
Dir. Bjorn Lindgren

This is a video Garbage did for the James Bond film “The World is Not Enough.” Can’t get much cooler than doing the James Bond theme song.

Garbage – The World is Not Enough (1999)
Dir. Philipp Stolzl

And for all of you who thought both of these bands were all done and warshed up, here are video selections from their latest albums.

The Cardigans – I Need Some Fine Wine… (2005)
Dir. Martin Renck & Jakob Strom

Garbage – Why Do You Love Me? (2005)

Dir. Sophie Muller

So I titled this MVM post as a”VS.” So I guess I have to pick a winner right? Well since this is Music Video Monday, emphasis on music video, I gotta go with Garbage. The Cardigans make great music and cute videos but Garbage’s music videos are amazing, barrier pushing, sexy, strange pieces of short film. They have stayed so adventurous over their long, respectable career. 

To reward Garbage on their win here is an early video they made with maybe the most under appreciated music video director ever, Samuel Bayer (see Nirvana -“Smells Like Teen Spirit”). 

Garbage – Stupid Girl (1996)
Dir. Samuel Bayer


  1. In my opinion the cardigans is one of the best bands I’ve ever seen on stage… their songs really rock! Communication is awsome, I need some fine wine and you… is powerful I love that song… for what it’s worth is such a good song…
    garbage is a good band but I don’t feel really inspired by them… I’ve seen them too on stage… and … well they are good

  2. mayestrik Says:

    Garbage de todas maneras, sus canciones son excelentes y shirley manson es una diosa

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