Miami Horror has kept me dancing all year with their super synthy, futuristic pop with a touch of 80’s nostalgia that brings to mind Miami Vice. Things I know about them, they are from Australia and they classify their music on their Myspace page as Italian House/Disco Pop. They remind me of another new synthy electro outfit The Twelves. But when they aren’t remixing songs that shouldn’t be remixed (i.e. Embrace & Music Sounds Better) they actually make some great dance music. And look at Megan Ewing up there, doesn’t it look like she’s chilling in Miami Beach?

So the newest thing Miami Horror has released, I believe, is this official mix of their older demo “Dont Be On With Her.” The demo was the instrumental version, which I thought was already perfect, but if you prefer vocals like I do most of the time, then peep the new version.

Miami Horror – Don’t Be On With Her

Miami Horror – Don’t Be On With Her (demo)

Miami Horror – Summerfest ’86 (Hopefully coming soon)


I really like their dance remixes, but dance remixes tend to be my favorite songs these days in general. For you super blog nerds, none of these are new, but they sure are good. Eat up.

Faker – This Heart Attack (Miami Horror Remix)

Grafton Primary – I Can Cook (Miami Horror Remix)

Miami Horror/ Codebreaker – Exiled (Miami Horror Remix)


This still under the radar DJ duo from Boston has been putting out some great dance tunes for the past year or so. This song has Miami in the title as well as a little of that Miami Horror feel, so there ya go.

Hot Pink DeLorean – Miami Snatch

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  1. liar! you don’t dance. smoochies.

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