James Brown – Say It Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud)

We’re on the eve of one of the biggest Presidential elections in the history of the United States. The racial implications are impossible to ignore. Barack is the first black Presidential candidate in the history of the country. It’s a huge step in the right direction to make our country fair and equal for everyone.

Blacks didn’t have equal opportunities for the first 200 years in this country and after a while they got fed up. In the 1960’s activists like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and the Black Panthers took to the street with the civil rights movement. Soul music in the 60’s promoted brotherly love but with not enough things changing angry musicians were born. A couple artists led the movement, Public Enemy in the 80’s and 2Pac in the 90’s.

Some people confuse pro-black with racism. There were people who tried to keep us down and make us feel like we were lesser people. Black people stick together, help better each other, and and help promote one another because we have to. No one would help us. We started our own colleges becuase we weren’t allowed to attend white ones. We started our own TV channels and magazines because we weren’t equally represented in white ones. Tradition doesn’t change over night. It takes time.

Some people like to think that the everything is ok. That the world is full of lolipops and gumdrops, and that racism is long gone. But it’s not! There are still large number of people who dont believe that we are equals. We want equality!

Marvin Gaye – “What’s Going On”
The man can speak. Listen to this dude’s speech. It sounds so powerful with the music behind it.

Barack Obama – Yes We Can

This video is from the 1995 film Panther. The artists that contribute to the song is amazing. See if you can name em all.

Various Artists – Freedom (Theme from Panther)

It was the 80’s and people were still mad. And thus Public Enemy was born.

Public Enemy Fight the Power

The Greatest ever. Tupac can say so much with just one song.
Tragically gunned down in 1996, no one has been able to match

this dudes poetic deepness since. Common and Andre 3000 try
to keep the torch going but embarassing artists like
Soulja Boy
and Pretty Ricky keep holding them back.

Tupac – Keep Ya Head Up

One Response to “MVM – PRO BLACK”

  1. Fav. post so far!! Thank you for so eloquently bridging the gap between politics and the theme of your site; music! It weaved current issues in a historical sense with a new light/perspective on it!Keep on Rock n’ Rolling!Nice follow-up to the Black Indie Rock post!:P

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