A-ha – Take on Me (1985)

Dir: Steve Barron

I know its cliche but Goddamn that video is good. I was watching VH-1 classic and they were counting down the best videos of the 80’s. I was like damn that’s a good idea.
I don’t have a countdown but these are some of the videos I loved as a kid. I remember running to the TV every time I saw this video come on. Tin Roof Rusted!
The B-52’s – Love Shack (1989)
Dir: Adam Bernstein
I love all these videos, but this video was ground breaking when I was a kid. I love animated videos and when I saw this when I was 3 I immediately became obsessed with music videos. And thus, here I am.
Peter Gabriel – Sledge Hammer (1986)
Dir: Stephen R. Johnson
Peter Gabriel’s old band also made an amazing animated video. It’s maybe the creepiest video I’ve ever seen but it’s oh so cool. What’s wrong with Phil Collin’s face?! Ah!
Genesis – Land of Confusion (1986)
Dir: John Lloyd and Jim Yukich
Not sure what’s going on here. There’s a sexy librarian, Toto is playing on a giant stack of books, some dude chucks a spear? Hmmm. But you know you love it.
Toto – Africa (1982)
Dir: Steve Barron
One of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard and a great cheesy video. 
Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time (1984)
Dir: Edd Griles

I contemplated for hours which whether I should post this video or Janet’s Rhythm Nation video. But after watching 30 seconds of this there is no way I couldn’t post it. This is one of my favorite 80’s songs ever. And the video is just so simple. Janet just dances around in some abandoned warehouse working on her moves for “So You Think You Can Dance” I guess. But it’s adorable. If you want to see the amazingly cool, high budget futuristic Rhythm Nation video click here.
Janet Jackson – Pleasure Principle (1987)
Dir: Dominic Sena
What would the 80’s have been without Michael Jackson? A lot more boring, that’s for sure. But did you even know the Jackson 5 was still making music in the 80’s? Actually it became the Jacksons because they added another brother making it 6 of them total. Some cool facts I learned from VH-1’s Pop Up Video: Michael is not actually in the video, if you think you see him it’s actually a wax statue. Vh-1 just coming through with 80’s music video knowledge.
The Jacksons – Torture

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