This is that futuristic 80’s synth-pop. You know that shit that immediately reminds you of the 80’s and the year 2000 at the same time. Like Back to the Future or that amazing TV Show “Out of this World.”  Both of these dudes are the shit. There has been a ridiculous 80’s revival over the past few years and these guys are fond supporters.

Futurecop! has more love for the 80’s than I do. Didn’t even know that was possible. His Myspace page is covered with ictures of The Corey’s, Thundercats, and Molly Ringwald. “Starworshipper” sounds like it could have been the theme song to “Just the 10 of Us,” while “Hey! Heartthrob” is a crazy boogie down dance anthem that would hold its own alongside harder dance productions.
Futurecop! – Starworshipper [zShare]
Futurecop! – Hey! Heartthrob [YSI]
Futurecop! – Transformers
Crystal Castles – Alice Practice (Futurecop! Remix)
Not only is that Futurecop remix dope, but it links us to Parallels who is the drummer for Crystal Castles when they play live. See how I did that?
Parallels resembles the same kind of sound and nostalgia as Futurecop! Just imagine Futurecop! in space.
His new track sounds like a cool electronica track with Debbie Gibson on vocals.
Parallels –  Reservoir
Parallels – Ghost Machine
Parallels – Ultralight (demo)
Parallels – Magnetics
Here are some 80’s loving new wave mixes from each artist.
Futurecop! – We Are Future Mix
Parallels – Back to Earth Mix

One Response to “FUTURECOP! + PARALELLS”

  1. Vintage future is the greatest genre

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