Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler (2007)

Dir: Ace Norton

In the summer of ’07 I worked freelance as a production manager on some Partizan music videos. It was a lifelong dream. Obviously I am obsessed with music videos, and I went to film school to learn the basics so I could direct music videos and eventually movies. But come to find out music videos are dead. It’s not the 90’s anymore. MTV doesn’t play videos and record companies don’t pay for them anymore. So no one’s making millions as a music video director, shit people are barely making a living. But hey, I had fun while it lasted.
Rising director Ace Norton makes some sick videos. His US version of SMD’s Hustler is a very strange video, but it was a really fun shoot watching these hot chicks cover themselves in gravy and chili. It was pretty disgusting, but a little hot. His video for Aesop Rock was another amazing shoot. It was a long two days, but Ace’s videos are always fun as shit. I actually make an appearance in the video. I’m the guy behind the screen who gets his arm ripped off and beaten to death with it.

Aesop Rock ft. John Darnielle – Coffee (2007)
Dir: Ace Norton

This video was one of the coolest shoots you could ask for. We shot it at the artist’s ridiculous house in the hills of Silverlake. We basically just chilled by the pool for the first day of shooting. Not to shabby. 
Redcar – Can’t Be Stopped (2007)

Dir: Toben

Cat Solen is a rare female director. There is definitely a shortage of female film and music video directors. What up with that? She is best known for her work on CSS’s music videos. But this was a very long shoot, Cat is a perfectionist. She cut all those tiny little leaves by hand and built all the puppets. She be crazy. Check out this very imaginative and ambitious video.

Sea Wolf – Winter Windows (2007)
Dir: Cat Solen
This was a very easy short video shoot. All the work was done in post. All I did was chill on set and hang out with Wyclef. He came for a 2 hour video shoot and brought 10 motherfucking people with him.
Wyclef Jean ft. Paul Simon – Fast Car (2007)
Dir: Andrew Gura
This was a very long overnight shoot. From 6PM to 6AM. It sucked. In the end I think Andrew made a really good video.
Thrice – Digital Sea (2007)
Dir: Andrew Gura
John Legend is legitimately the coolest guy I’ve ever met. Homey pulls up in his brand new Lexus LS with his supermodel girlfriend in the passenger seat. When we weren’t shooting he would play the piano for the crew. He was cool as fuck and very professional. Yeah I have a guy crush on John Legend. So what, you wanna fight about it?
John Legend – Another Again (2007)

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