Force MD’s – Tender Love (1986)
Dir: Unknown
When I was a kid, before I got into Hip-Hop, I listened to a lot of 80s pop (cuz it was the 80’s) and a lot of R&B. It was almost the only thing black radio played because Hip-Hop hadn’t made it that big yet, especially in L.A. But even better than the old school R&B songs were the amazingly cheesy videos. They were almost always the same. 4 or 5 guys with sweaters or unbuttoned shirts singing on the street or the beach. And then throw a girl in there somewhere for them to sing to. Brilliant! The mold hasn’t changed to much, videos just look better now.
I got a little carried away, cuz there’s just so many damn videos. So check out these videos from Jodeci, SWV, and Hi-Five that didn’t make the cut.

Troop – All I Do Is Think of You (1989)

Dir: Unknown

There was a 90’s remake of this video with 112 and the forgotten Allure but the original is still the best. You can’t get cheesier than Full Force big buff asses singing sad songs. If those dudes look familiar to you, you must be as big of a fan of House Party as I am.
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam w/ Full Force – All Cried Out (1985)
Dir: Unknown
These two videos were great. They came out around the same time and were just overtly dirty. I felt like I had to sneak away from my parents to listen to these songs. 
H-Town – Knocking the Boots (1993)
Dir: Unknown

Silk – Freak Me (1993)
Dir: Lionel C. Martin
Immature RULED the airplay when I was in middle school. Every after school dance in the cafeteria had the girls swooning as soon as this song dropped. I grew my hair out and did sit-ups every night trying to get a six pack like the dudes in the band. EVERY girl was telling me how in love they were with Romeo and his eye-patch. This song is good but don’t forget about their other banger “Constantly” which I think Hype Williams directed.
Immature – Never Lie (1994)
Dir: Keith Ward
This one almost isn’t cheesy. It’s just great. I remember busting into impromptu sing-a-longs of this song several times. It’s just that damn good.
Shai – If I Ever Fall in Love(Acapella) (1992)
Dir: Unknown

And then there was this video. LL Cool J may have been the first Hip-Hop artist to make a slow jam R&B love song. Now it’s the norm. Some artists completely ditch their Hip-Hop image to make shitty R&B songs (see Ja Rule and Nelly). But this was real. Heartfelt, passionate, but most of all oh so cheesy.
LL Cool J – I Need Love (1987)
Dir: Rolando Hudson

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