Vitalic –  Poney Part 1 (2006)
Dir: Pleix
Slow motion videos are great because they capture things that you 
wouldn’t see at normal camera speed and things you could never see 
in real life. And for some reason they go really well with dance music.

This Muscles video is one of my recent favorites. I’m sure you wont
forget this one very soon. You know what’s coming and it’s better than you could have imagined.

Muscles – Sweaty (Shazam Remix) (2008)
Dir: Action Figure
This is Don Rimini’s first video from his ‘Kick N Run’ EP. 

Don Rimini – Ohow (2008)

Dir: Guillaume Grasset

Look at how much of a young punk Chris Martin is. He must be 20 in this video. This is their first official video. I bet he didn’t think it would launch Coldplay into one of the biggest bands in the world, but it did. And to all you Coldplay haters out there, get over it and stop hating.
Coldplay – Yellow (2000)
Dir: James and Alex
Uh oh look out for the ending!
Interpol – (2006)
Dir: Elias Merhige
I love this band. They’re never gonna be a pop hit but they make some great music. Go support Tortoise.
Tortoise – Salt the Skies (2004)
Dir: Adam Levite
This song was huge about 2 years ago. It still gets rotation at some shows and Justice fans are always pleased when they drop this. This is also the infamous video that sent Kanye over the edge when it beat his video for “Touch the Sky” at the MTV Europe VMA’s for ‘Best Video of the Year.’ 
Justice VS Simian – We Are Your Friends (2006)
Dir: Rozan and Schmelz

2 Responses to “MVM – SLOW MOTION”

  1. COLDPLAY BLOWS. also, lala for nye!

  2. wow under slow motion… U could have included the brilliant “High and Dry” by Radiohead….. nothing compares

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