Yukimi Nagano, better known as one of the vocalists from Koop, has started her own project Little Dragon. This Swedish-Japanese (I know right) songstress has one of the best voices I’ve heard in a long time, raspy and airy, such a beautiful combination. Reminds me of some other vocal-laden chill out bands like Air and Zero 7.

I wonder if Yukimi is going to surpass her original band’s popularity like Sia did with Zero 7. Ooh cant wait to find out. Little Dragon will be releasing their second album next year. Let’s hope it gets a domestic release. Their debut is still on import, so go run to Amoeba and pick it up for … over $20??? Shiiiiiit.

And here is her original band Koop. Koop sounds a lot more produced than Little Dragon’s more stripped down sound. Check out the very first song Yukimi was ever on! There’s a really cool intro for it on the album.
And here’s another great Koop track from their ’07 album Koop Islands.
Here’s a track from Yushimi (Boredoms) and Yuka Honda’s (Cibo Matto) experimental noise album that came out back in ’03. Now you can enjoy Yuka & Yukimi & Yushimi!

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