BEST SONGS OF 2008: #11-30

So here is the very important “Best Of the Year” list. Those who know me well know I am a compulsive list-maker. But this is the only list people actually read. Here are my picks for BEST SONGS OF THE YEAR

I can only rank what I’ve heard. So if your favorites aren’t up here, please don’t fuss and fight. Maybe I didn’t hear it, maybe I forgot about it, or maybe your music sucks. Ha. Just write a comment.
Come back tomorrow for the TOP 10!
Treasure Fingers just makes a really great groovy disco track.  There were also about a dozen remixes done for this  . It’s always good for a DJ to have a lot of dancefloor bangers that mention dancing that you can sing along to.
29. Shelby Lynne – Anyone Who Had a Heart
I couldn’t find the track so enjoy the video. I love Shelby. I am not a big fan of Country music but Shelby has my heart. I get everything she makes. This song is real fucking sad yet really fucking beautiful. It’s taken from her Dusty Springfield inspired album “Just a Little Lovin.” Sing it Shelby! 
Another Chicago Hip-Hop artist really coming thru. I could have picked a number of Kid Sister tracks but I picked the now epic “Pro Nails.” An appearance from Kanye West on the remix really put Kid Sister on the map. Another one of those songs that got about a dozen remixes but the best has got to be Rusko‘s heavy Herve-esque bass drop on his remix. Get all the Kid Sister you possibly can.
N.E.R.D. came with some real dance music on a few tracks on this album. This song had some real deep bass. Feeling this more than their strange “Everybody Nose.” I was a little disappointed by their latest full-length release. Even though it was still really good I expect more from my favorite band of the last 10 years.
THE greatest Eletronica band of all time came back after an 11 year hiatus just for me. Beth Gibbons gives us her slow, sexy vocals on this one. I could have put Portishead‘s whole album on this list but I’ll be fair to the others.
This Chicago Hip-Hop group gave me a glimmer of hope when I thought Hip-Hop had up and died on me. It’s in the struggle, but Cool Kids are doing what they can to revive the genre.
Winning my award for most memorable band name of the year is Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head. Taking their name from when Natalie Portman actually shaved her head for her role in “V For Vendetta.” I love this song cuz its smooth as hell and they give my hometown some love. If you like this one, check out Hercules & Love Affair.
The Ting Tings are a new pop band that made a big splash in ’08. They got a lot of attention when their song “Shut Up & Let Me Go” showed up on an iTunes commercial. But it was this first demo I heard earlier this year that made me take notice of this duo.
Kylie is back! Her sound is so good. Like a Madonna-lite. Just good pop dance songs you don’t have to think about.
21. MGMT – Electric Feel 
Like The Ting Tings, this band came out of nowhere this year and made some noise. Now their songs are household tunes. They were like the 2008 Peter, Bjorn, and John. Lets just hope people actually remember MGMT next year. Definitely won’t be the last mention of this band on the ‘Best Of’ lists.
20. Jamie Lidell – A Little Bit of feel Good (Mr. Oizo Remix)
In the original Jamie came with some old soul flavor. On the remix Oizo makes it sound oh so funky, and well… just crazy with those strange sounds. But it always makes for a much better remix when the original is so damn good.
19. Santogold – L.E.S. Artistes
I played this track out for months at a time this year, especially when I first got the single on vinyl. I don’t think that there was another new artist who got more exposure than Santo this year. Her face was all over Adidas adds, she killed it at Coachella, she’s chilling in M.I.A.‘s “Paper Planes” video (song is from 2007 or else it would be up here), and her music was in every commercial from beer to douche. 
18. Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream
Another one of those songs I listened to several times a day when I first heard it. I couldn’t get enough of this Empire song, it was so damn catchy. 2008 was the year I discovered Pnau, which led to me hearing this track. Lucky me.
17. Lykke Li – Little Bit
Lykke Li came with some really good Slow Girl in the year Slow Girl broke through. The full album is actually really good too, but Lykke still needs a little work to get to that Feist status. But this track is about as good as it gets.
16. Santogold – You’ll Find A Way (Switch & Sinden Remix) [zSHARE]
Ooh-wee. The bass drop on this song is so Goddamn good. Dance music made a big splash this year. Crookers made it to mainstream radio and the indie queen of 2008 made it to superstardom. Dance remixes were so big, especially this one, so much so that Santo even performed this version live instead of the original.
15. Jamie Lidell – Figured Me Out [zSHARE]
Jamie is back this time on his own. Just another great track from his unbelievable album “Jim.”
14. The Virgins – Rich Girls
I love this song. Another Blue-eyed soul song like Jamie Lidell. This strange Rock/R&B group really came correct on their first big single. For a year filled with the new type of boy band (MGMT, Vampire Weekend), I think the Virgins are gonna actually stick around.
13. Chemical Brothers – Electronic Battle Weapon 10 (Midnight Madness Extended)
This extended version came out after the initial Midnight Madness single. This one however is over 8 minutes long, and its so good. Chemical Brothers, the second greatest dance band after Daft Punk, are always at the forefront of music. Even after about 15 years in the game they still seem to WOW me every year.
12. Robyn – With Every Heartbeat (Punks Jump Up Remix)
Now all the songs from here on got worn out in my iTunes as well as on my turntables. I’m oh so glad to see Robyn back. For all of us young boys who had crushes on Robyn when she hit the scene back in the mid-90’s, we were glad to see her back. I’ve seen this track posted as far back as 2 years ago but this didn’t really get to the states until earlier this year, so I’m counting it. It’s just so dancey. Ugh!
11. Faker – This Heart Attack (Miami Horror Remix)
Miami Horror you had me at hello. One of the catchiest songs of the year. Miami Horror, another Aussie dance band that kept me dancing in ’08 (see Pnau), had a few good tracks this past year, but none was as good as this one. Try getting it out of your head. I dare you!

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