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Posted in MUSIC on December 17, 2008 by Keyvon

Yukimi Nagano, better known as one of the vocalists from Koop, has started her own project Little Dragon. This Swedish-Japanese (I know right) songstress has one of the best voices I’ve heard in a long time, raspy and airy, such a beautiful combination. Reminds me of some other vocal-laden chill out bands like Air and Zero 7.

I wonder if Yukimi is going to surpass her original band’s popularity like Sia did with Zero 7. Ooh cant wait to find out. Little Dragon will be releasing their second album next year. Let’s hope it gets a domestic release. Their debut is still on import, so go run to Amoeba and pick it up for … over $20??? Shiiiiiit.

And here is her original band Koop. Koop sounds a lot more produced than Little Dragon’s more stripped down sound. Check out the very first song Yukimi was ever on! There’s a really cool intro for it on the album.
And here’s another great Koop track from their ’07 album Koop Islands.
Here’s a track from Yushimi (Boredoms) and Yuka Honda’s (Cibo Matto) experimental noise album that came out back in ’03. Now you can enjoy Yuka & Yukimi & Yushimi!


Posted in MUSIC on December 15, 2008 by Keyvon
Vitalic –  Poney Part 1 (2006)
Dir: Pleix
Slow motion videos are great because they capture things that you 
wouldn’t see at normal camera speed and things you could never see 
in real life. And for some reason they go really well with dance music.

This Muscles video is one of my recent favorites. I’m sure you wont
forget this one very soon. You know what’s coming and it’s better than you could have imagined.

Muscles – Sweaty (Shazam Remix) (2008)
Dir: Action Figure
This is Don Rimini’s first video from his ‘Kick N Run’ EP. 

Don Rimini – Ohow (2008)

Dir: Guillaume Grasset

Look at how much of a young punk Chris Martin is. He must be 20 in this video. This is their first official video. I bet he didn’t think it would launch Coldplay into one of the biggest bands in the world, but it did. And to all you Coldplay haters out there, get over it and stop hating.
Coldplay – Yellow (2000)
Dir: James and Alex
Uh oh look out for the ending!
Interpol – (2006)
Dir: Elias Merhige
I love this band. They’re never gonna be a pop hit but they make some great music. Go support Tortoise.
Tortoise – Salt the Skies (2004)
Dir: Adam Levite
This song was huge about 2 years ago. It still gets rotation at some shows and Justice fans are always pleased when they drop this. This is also the infamous video that sent Kanye over the edge when it beat his video for “Touch the Sky” at the MTV Europe VMA’s for ‘Best Video of the Year.’ 
Justice VS Simian – We Are Your Friends (2006)
Dir: Rozan and Schmelz


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Force MD’s – Tender Love (1986)
Dir: Unknown
When I was a kid, before I got into Hip-Hop, I listened to a lot of 80s pop (cuz it was the 80’s) and a lot of R&B. It was almost the only thing black radio played because Hip-Hop hadn’t made it that big yet, especially in L.A. But even better than the old school R&B songs were the amazingly cheesy videos. They were almost always the same. 4 or 5 guys with sweaters or unbuttoned shirts singing on the street or the beach. And then throw a girl in there somewhere for them to sing to. Brilliant! The mold hasn’t changed to much, videos just look better now.
I got a little carried away, cuz there’s just so many damn videos. So check out these videos from Jodeci, SWV, and Hi-Five that didn’t make the cut.

Troop – All I Do Is Think of You (1989)

Dir: Unknown

There was a 90’s remake of this video with 112 and the forgotten Allure but the original is still the best. You can’t get cheesier than Full Force big buff asses singing sad songs. If those dudes look familiar to you, you must be as big of a fan of House Party as I am.
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam w/ Full Force – All Cried Out (1985)
Dir: Unknown
These two videos were great. They came out around the same time and were just overtly dirty. I felt like I had to sneak away from my parents to listen to these songs. 
H-Town – Knocking the Boots (1993)
Dir: Unknown

Silk – Freak Me (1993)
Dir: Lionel C. Martin
Immature RULED the airplay when I was in middle school. Every after school dance in the cafeteria had the girls swooning as soon as this song dropped. I grew my hair out and did sit-ups every night trying to get a six pack like the dudes in the band. EVERY girl was telling me how in love they were with Romeo and his eye-patch. This song is good but don’t forget about their other banger “Constantly” which I think Hype Williams directed.
Immature – Never Lie (1994)
Dir: Keith Ward
This one almost isn’t cheesy. It’s just great. I remember busting into impromptu sing-a-longs of this song several times. It’s just that damn good.
Shai – If I Ever Fall in Love(Acapella) (1992)
Dir: Unknown

And then there was this video. LL Cool J may have been the first Hip-Hop artist to make a slow jam R&B love song. Now it’s the norm. Some artists completely ditch their Hip-Hop image to make shitty R&B songs (see Ja Rule and Nelly). But this was real. Heartfelt, passionate, but most of all oh so cheesy.
LL Cool J – I Need Love (1987)
Dir: Rolando Hudson


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If you’re having a Christmas party and need a dope dance mix, look no further. Not really very Christmasy but our first mixtape will definitely get the dance party started. 
It sounds much better when I’m actually mixing it together but I don’t have the software to convert my DJ mixes to MP3 yet. Damnit! But just enjoy the tracks separately for now. It’s a fun little hour dance mix. So download all the songs and put them into a playlist in your iTunes. 
Golden Bloggen – December Dancetacular Mixtape #1:
Kanye West – Robocop
Proxy – 40 Seconds
The Cool Kids – Black Mags
Noreaga ft. Pharrell – Oh No
Don Rimini – Ohow [zShare]
Tiga – Mind Dimension (Mansion Remix)
Kidda – Under the Sun (Herve Remix) [Mediafire]
Junkie XL – Cities in Dust 
Gary Numan – Cars 
Corey Hart – Sunglasses at Night
The Federation – I Wear My Stunna Shades
Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams
Freezepop – Less Talk More Rokk
Seidah Garrett – Do You Want It Right Now
Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul


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Q-Tip – Move (2008)
Dir: Rick Cordero

Q-Tip released his third solo album back on election day. His second solo album “Kamaal the Abstract” never got a domestic release, but exists somewhere out there on the interweb. His new album “The Renaissance” picks up where “Kamaal the Abstract” left off. A lot of live instrumentation but still very much Hip-Hop.

His new album has two sick ass videos off of it. “Move” just goes to show you don’t need a big budget to make a sick ass video. And “Gettin Up” is a slick ass faux one-take video with some cool cameos.
Q-Tip – Gettin Up (2008)
Dir: Ben Dickinson
This was Q-Tip’s first solo video. Remember this? This song was huge. It was off the Violator album and was eventually the first single from his debut solo album “Amplified.” Leila Arcieri is in the video as well! Hype Williams has broken many a artists with his eye-catching videos.
Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing (1999)
Dir: Hype Williams
Another Hype Video featuring Tip. And what do you know? There’s Leila again. Maybe Hype was hitting that.
Q-Tip – Breathe & Stop (1999)
Dir: Hype Williams
This banger was also off the album “Amplified.” Nowhere near as popular as the previous two, but Dilla kills it on this beat. R.I.P. Jay Dee.
 Q-Tip – Let’s Ride (2000)
Dir: Stephane Sednaoui
This last video was my first introduction to Q-Tip back when he was a member of A Tribe Called Quest. It was also my first introduction to THE Busta Rhymes. His flow on this is vicious. I remember rapping this song with my friends back in good old Leimart Park. This is my favorite SONG of all time. That’s right…#1 OF ALL TIME!
A Tribe Called Quest ft. Leaders of the New School – Scenario (1992)
Dir: Jim Swaffield
Here’s a track from the UNRELEASED “Kamaal the Abstract” Album-
Q-Tip – Barely in Love (YSI)