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Posted in MUSIC on January 30, 2009 by Keyvon

Ladies and gentlemen learn, meet, listen, know, and love BLENDE.

Blende aka Johan hails from the impressively growing UK Electro movement. Blende makes STRONG beats, that remind me of my favorite DJ/ Producer of all time, DJ Premier of GANGSTARR. The way that his beats come with a heavy driving bassline with a clean, defined, crisp track laced over it. When you hear a Primo track you know its a primo track… and after listening to Blende for the past couple of years, a Blende beat is starting to register the same way in my head. If you havent heard his sound… grab these tracks that we got from one of our UK DJ friends who was lucky enough to get these overseas. You wont find these anywhere else!

Listen to them, love them, then go BUY them. Im all for the blogosphere thing but support your fuggin DJs. Nuff said. Now LISTEN!
“Ready to go…All Fuckin Night”
DJ Cat Nyc – Hot Pink (Blende remix) **GOLDEN BLOGGEN EXCLUSIVE** – FIRE!
Everything I ever wanted in a BANGER! and if you get caught at the 1:25 mark thinking your mixer broke, stick with it HUGE drop comin.
Dolby Anal – Puppies (Blende Remix) **GOLDEN BLOGGEN EXCLUSIVE ** – FIRE!
This is the Track that made me follow the name BLENDE. Enjoy!
Detect – Dance Division (Blende Remix)FIRE!
Huge Drop 4 YES 4 MINUTES. If you wanna get the dance floor rocking blow their mind with this track!


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Futurecop! came back to LA last Saturday to grace us with their mystical, magical 80’s induced synth-pop as they rocked the the Echoplex. It was my first time seeing them live and it definitely wont be my last. Peep the their teaser video from that night and listen to the song from the video below.

Futurecop! – Transformers

I sat down to interview the guys before the show. Here’s what they had to say.

How did Futurecop start?

Peter: It started about 3 years ago with Manzur, then about a year later I joined him.

Were you guys in different bands first?

Peter: Manz was in a punk band and I was just DJing.

Where did the name Futurecop! come from?

Peter: We just thought it sounded cool, retro, nostalgic. People ask us what it means, but there is no hidden depth to it!

You seem to have a lot of love for the 80s TV shows and music.

Peter: Yeah thats our biggest influence is 80s music.

What are some of your favorite TV shows and cartoons from the 80s?

Peter: Ohhh. Thudercats, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Galaxy High. The intro to Galaxy High is really cool. Films: Goonies, Transformers The Movie, Breakfast Club, Short Circuit

Who are some of your biggest musical influences? Continue reading


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Animal Collective – My Girls
Dir. Chad von Nau and Jon Vermilyea

So the title says it all. I’m posting new videos I’ve seen recently that I’m really feeling. The first is a brand new video from Animal Collective. GB’s Jeremy sent me this last week and I have been playing it everyday. The new album has been getting a lot of buzz and people are calling it the best thing Animal Collective has done by far. This

It’s hard to find good new music videos these days, but one place that never lets me down is Subterranean. It comes on Thursday nights on MTV2. I strongly suggest you set your DVR. This Ting Tings video was posted today on the Subterranean blog and it is supposedly the world premiere. It’s an older song but its the American Version of the video.

The Ting Tings – Thats Not My Name
Dir. Unknown

I really like this Passion Pit song and video. It transcends a few genres; electronica, indie rock, a little Hip-Hop. They are coming up and getting their song played on TV shows and undoubtedly commercials will follow.

Passion Pit – Sleepy Head
Dir. The Wilderness

I like this song a lot. The video is a little odd but really cute. Reminds me of those Bratz ads with the girls with the big heads. Apparently this song is also from a commcercial. A friend told me for Alpo dog food or something. That cant be right.

Orba Squara – Gravel
Dir. Lorcan Finnegan

This is a new one from Flosstradamus. It’s a little more chill than the Flosstradamus I’m used to but good none-the-less. And Caroline Polacheck that is featured on the track is pretty damn hot.

Flosstradamus ft. Caroline Polacheck -Big Bills
Dir. Keven McAlester

This video is a little older but it’s so good I had to put it up. Apparently Miss Laura Marling is only 18, which blows my mind that such a young girl could right such a deep song. I’m loving it. Definitely someone to watch out for in the very near future.

Laura Marling – Ghosts
Dir. James Copeman

Futurecop! is the shit. I just saw them at the Echoplex this Saturday. I actually got a chance to sit down and interview them. I will be posting it all up this week so stay tuned. In the meantime just sit back and boogie to their 80’s flashback video.

Futurecop! – Transformers
Dir. Julian Griffiths


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So its about that time of year when they release the lineup for the greatest music festival in the country. That’s right, Coachella. Here are my predictions for who I think should and will be playing at this years fest.

Friday April 17
Al Green, Oasis, Muse, Postal Service, Sade, Basement Jaxx, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Lily Allen, Roysopp, Felix Da Housecat, Mercury Rev, Jenny Lewis, Moldy Peaches, Stereolab, Cibo Matto, Avalanches, Luscious Jackson, The Knife, Annie, MSTRKRFT, Cassius, The Bees, Fleet Foxes, The Virgins, The Little Ones, The Horrors, Surkin, Guns N Bombs, Hot Pink Delorean, Little Boots, Reverie Sound Revue, Miami Horror, Holy Ghost, Blaqstarr w/ Rye Rye

Saturday April 18
Outkast, Lil Wayne, The Chemical Brothers, Feist, Franz Ferdinand, Atmosphere, Soulwax, Scarlett Johansson, Doves, M83, Mogwai, Bon Iver, Diplo, Joanna Newsom, Lykke Li, Arabian Prince, Egyptian Lover, Gossip, Kenna & Chad Hugo, Black Ghosts, Dntel, Crookers, Cicada, The Count & Sinden, Dr. Dog, Bloody Beetroots, Kid Cudi, Hercules & Love Affair, Yuksek & Brodinski, New Young Pony Club, Little Dragon, The Soft Pack, L.A. Riots

Sunday April 19
Peter Gabriel, The Kinks, Weezer, Eurythmics, Kings of Leon, The Dust Brothers, Q-Tip & Mos Def, Blur, Animal Collective, Common, The Cardigans, Kelis, Jacques Lu Cont, Zero 7, Phoenix, 2 Many DJs, The Ting Tings, Rachel Yamagata, Crystal Castles, Digitalism, Jamie Lidell, Prefuse 73, Roisin Murphy, Mr. Oizo & Sebastien Tellier & SebastiAn, Pnau, She & Him, The Bird and the Bee, Junior Boys, Ladyhawke, Fake Blood, Breakbot, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, Acid Girls


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Bjork – All is Full of Love (1999)

First off I want to wish everyone a happy MLK Day. Hope you all have the day off. Secondly, I know we have a lot of new viewers here at Golden Bloggen, so let me reintroduce MUSIC VIDEO MONDAY. Every Monday I strive to bring the greatest music videos to the masses. They always have a running theme, maybe a director,decade, or a genre.

So today I am celebrating Chris Cunningham. He is one of the greatest visionaries of our time. His videos are odd, scary, beautiful, and jaw-dropping. He has been celebrated by Director’s Label, but has never gotten the hype of a Michel Gondry or Spike Jonze. Here’s one of his most ambitious and memorable videos for Aphex Twin. Its guaranteed to freak you out.

Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (1999)

Here’s another freaky video from Aphex and Chris. It must be good to find that person who shares that same strangeness as you. Hype had Busta, Michel had Bjork, and Chris had Aphex Twin. This might be the scariest music video ever made. So watch it late at night with the lights turned off.

Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy (1997)

Madonna’s videos are all over Golden Bloggen. She’s a legend, what can I say? This video is amazing, and its style inspired a lot of commercials and other music videos in the late 90’s.

Madonna – Frozen (1998)

Mr. Cunningham may be the most pivotal person in helping me find one of my favorite bands of all time. This video he did for Portishead was my first introduction to the group. His dark and twisted vision coupled with Portishead’s eerie, moody score make for the perfect video.

Portishead – Only You (1998)

Chris Cunningham has been MIA for a while. This is the ONLY video he has made in the PAST 10 YEARS! But what a hell of a video. It’s really short and Samantha Morton (Minority Report) flashes her naughty bits. Looks like some girl I accidentally brought home when I was drunk. Frightening.

The Horrors – Sheena Is a Parasite (2006)


Posted in MUSIC on January 13, 2009 by Keyvon
Outkast – “Hey Ya” (2003)
Dir. Bryan Barber

I’m sure most of you have noticed how much Hip-hop sucks recently. Artists like T-Pain, Nelly, and Flo-Rida are not only killing the art-form, but they look like clowns while they do it.  But there are those few Black artists who are holding it down with real music. That funky, crazy shit, reminiscent of Sly & The Family Stone, Grace Jones, and George Clinton. So I am christening these artists the “Nu-Black.” Making me proud to be a lover of real Black music. These artists are not just those indie kids like Cody Chestnutt or Dead Prez, these artists have support from big time artists and are breaking into the mainstream themselves.
Here is Atlanta’s Janelle Monae. Who killed a few choruses on Outkast’s under-appreciated Idlewild album. She worked with Big Boi again on her debut LP. I love her voice, and that hairdo, looking like Kelis from a few years back.
Janelle Monae – “Many Moons” (2008)
Dir. Alan Ferguson
And here is everyone’s favorite umbrella holder, Mr. Bentley. Finally making music of his own and what do you know, it’s actually good. Doesn’t hurt with Andre 3000 and Kanye backing you up either.
Fonzworth Bentley – “Everybody” (2008)
I’m loving this new group, Sa-Ra Creative Partners. They’ve been getting mad love from unofficial  band-mates Erykah Badu and Talib Kweli. And their album is filled with random guest appearances from artists like Kurupt and Pharoahe Monch. Good eclectic mix.
Sa-Ra – “Feel the Bass” (2008)
Dir. Coodie and Chike
These LA natives J-Davey have the perfect combination, sexy lead singer and dope beat maker. They’ll be making big waves in 2009, you can bet on that.
J-Davey – “Mr. Mister” (2008)

This was a gem a few years ago. An alternative Hip-Hop song that got played on mainstream Black radio. So good it makes you forgive the world for not accepting K-Os.
Lupe Fiasco – “Kick, Push” (2006)
Dir. Christopher Adams & Hana McDowell
And of course, N.E.R.D. featuring the real Skateboard P.  Along with Outkast, a band that helped start the movement. Pharrell has been repping skateboarding since before Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and wearing trucker hats since before Ashton. Leading the way for a lot of individuality, especially fashion wise, from Black kids. 
N.E.R.D. – “Sooner or Later” (2008)
Dir. The Malloys


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LA-based DJ duo Guns N Bombs played the first night of their January residency at The Echo on Wednesday. The show had a dense line-up. Starting with another local DJ crew, Acid Girls, then a DJ set from Free Blood (from !!!). The night was cracking. They’ll be there every Wednesday. See you there!

Here’s Guns N Bombs hot ass new single that embodies that new Ghettotech/ Fidget-Blip House (whatever the fuck you wanna call it) sound I’ve been hearing at a few shows. 

Here is a little Guns N Bombs – Acid Girls collabo.