Ladies and gentlemen learn, meet, listen, know, and love BLENDE.

Blende aka Johan hails from the impressively growing UK Electro movement. Blende makes STRONG beats, that remind me of my favorite DJ/ Producer of all time, DJ Premier of GANGSTARR. The way that his beats come with a heavy driving bassline with a clean, defined, crisp track laced over it. When you hear a Primo track you know its a primo track… and after listening to Blende for the past couple of years, a Blende beat is starting to register the same way in my head. If you havent heard his sound… grab these tracks that we got from one of our UK DJ friends who was lucky enough to get these overseas. You wont find these anywhere else!

Listen to them, love them, then go BUY them. Im all for the blogosphere thing but support your fuggin DJs. Nuff said. Now LISTEN!
“Ready to go…All Fuckin Night”
DJ Cat Nyc – Hot Pink (Blende remix) **GOLDEN BLOGGEN EXCLUSIVE** – FIRE!
Everything I ever wanted in a BANGER! and if you get caught at the 1:25 mark thinking your mixer broke, stick with it HUGE drop comin.
Dolby Anal – Puppies (Blende Remix) **GOLDEN BLOGGEN EXCLUSIVE ** – FIRE!
This is the Track that made me follow the name BLENDE. Enjoy!
Detect – Dance Division (Blende Remix)FIRE!
Huge Drop 4 YES 4 MINUTES. If you wanna get the dance floor rocking blow their mind with this track!

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