If you live in L.A. you need to make your way down to the Avalon in Hollywood tonight for Control Fridays. So far the new weekly dance party has boasted big names like Diplo, Switch, Larry Tee, Rye Rye, Them Jeans, just to name a few. And future artists include The Twelves, Princess Superstar, Fischerspooner, A-Trak, and The Count and Sinden

Last Friday I got to talk to resident DJ Destructo, who may be best known for throwing all the HARD events around LA. The last major HARD event was the monstrous sold-out HARD Haunted Mansion last Halloween. And the next HARDFEST on March 13 looks to rival the Haunted Mansion.

See what Destructo has to say about the Coachella lineup and the future of HARD. I’ve sprinkled a few songs from past Control artists throughout the interview. The songs only work if you read the whole interview though.

Larry Tee ft. Princess Superstar – Licky (Herve Remix)

Rye Rye w/ The Count & Sinden – Hardcore Girls

Where are you from originally?


How did the idea of HARD start? Can you explain the early years?

I HAD BEEN SELLING CDS for 15 years with my record label NITRUS. Nobody buys cd’s so I thought it was time to go back to my roots of djing and producing events and out popped HARD

Who are your biggest DJ influences?

SOME of My favorite djs/influences are the BASEMENT JAXX , 2MANYDJS, BARRY WEAVER and DOC MARTIN

What do you do to prep before a DJ set?

I think of the time slot, crowd, and event type then try and pick the best selection to fit that vibe but it always changes once I get to the event.

How did your DJ style evolve?

I think with every dj over the years you gain experience with the crowd and how to play to the crowd. I try and make it about the overall event more than just my set.

How much of your set is planned and how much of the time are you improving up there?

I would say 50/50

Rye Rye w/ M.I.A. – Tic Toc

What are some of your favorite non-dance artists?


Who did you listen to growing up?

PINK FLOYD, LED ZEP, VAN HALEN, BLACK SABBATH, PARLAMENT FUNKADELIC, GAP BAND, RICK JAMES. Lots of Rock N Roll and Funk . My dad has been in the radio and records biz for 40+ years

You mentioned Crystal Castles playing HARD Halloween again this year. Besides Daft Punk (who you already mentioned) what is your All-Star lineup?


Bingo Players – Get Up (Diplo Remix)

Switch – This is Sick

What do you think about the Coachella Lineup?

I manage Crookers so I’m glad they’re there and there’s a few HARD artists (Crystal Castles, Bloody Beetroots, et. al) but the headliners are kinda sleepy. Not really my thing. If I was throwing Coachella I’d have Van Halen or Lil Wanye. Ya know like wheres Dr. Dre?

Where do you see HARD in 5 or 10 years?

Continuing to grow and evolve and push musical boundaries hopefully getting to other markets outside of LA.

Who are some new artists that you love that everyone should know about?


Much Thanks to Destructo. Make sure you go check out Control Fridays @ The Avalon in Hollywood and HARD 13 on March 13 with DIPLO & many others.

One Response to “DESTRUCTO INTERVIEW!!!”

  1. chASeDrAGonS Says:

    good read man. I’ll def check out Control Fridays at Avalon. Destructo’s got the head bangers.

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