Ghostface Killah – Daytona 500 (1996)
Dir. RZA

The Grammy’s were on last night and in L.A. for some reason that’s a big deal. I saw a few good performances. Seeing 9 month pregnant M.I.A. perform Swagga Like Us w/ T.I., L.W., K.W., and J.Z. was the shit. I missed this aledged Timberlake and Al Green collabo…. but I definitely heard the news about Rhianna and Chris Brown cancelling their performances because Chris Brown supposedly beat up Rhianna for giving him Herpes! As well as his posting of $50, 000 bail this morning.

With all that said the Grammy’s left me uninspired for Music Video Monday. So I decided to post all my favorite Wu-Tang videos. I call it Part One because there will definitely be a Part Two. These Mofo’s have a grip of videos.

Method Man – Make Ups 2 Break Ups (1999)
Dir. Hype Williams

This is one of the most important music videos of all time. Little did we know it would be one of the last epic videos of the dying Hip-Hop era. Shit is still legendary though.

Wu-Tang Clan – Triumph (1997)
Dir. Brett Ratner
This was Wu’s big video breakthrough. The video is great, the song is better. And if you don’t know what C.R.E.A.M. stands for, kill yourself NOW.
Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M (1994)
Dir. Ralph McDaniels
This video right here. This video right here. Just when it looked like Wu Tang was about to call it a day and disappear off the face of the Earth, they come with this crazy vid. And nine years later they’re still doing it. I don’t really know where they are, but they’re still doing it.
Wu-Tang Clan – Gravel Pit (2000)
Dir. Joseph Kahn
This video is from Raekwon’s Cuban Linx album but like with every Wu song everyone is on the track. My boy Meth is on the chorus, and Ghost who I’ve always preferred over Raekwon murders the first verse.
Raekwon – Ice Cream (1995)
Dir.  Ralph McDaniels
Yet another Hype Williams video and it comes from the Late Great ODB. This guy will never be understood. ODB was such a character. He had 12 or so illegitimate kids, not a dollar to his name, and barely spoke English. But we all loved him. What Flava Flav is to Public Enemy, ODB is to Wu Tang.
Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Ya (1996)
Dir.  Hype Williams

One Response to “MVM – WU-TANG CLAN PT. 1”

  1. Lindsey did not like Shimmy Shimmy. She thought it was “messed up” FYI.

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