Common performs “Come Close” @ Sports Arena from Golden Bloggen on Vimeo.

Common was at the Sports Arena last Saturday and of course Golden Bloggen was there capturing footage. Hip Hop 101 (Whatever that is) was sponsoring the show with an impressive line up including Janelle Monae, Ludacris, Mix Master Mike, and of course Common. Only one problem. Mix Master Mike never showed. What the hell? I’ve never seen him on his own and I was real hyped. Ludacris headlined the show, kind of an odd headliner for a show that was trying to promote real Hip-Hop, but Luda ain’t bad.

But no one compares to my boy Common. Right now the best rapper in the game. Dude’s been around since 1992. Thats right 1992!!! I’m about to give you guys something I guarantee you won’t find any other blog…. tracks from his little known debut album “Can I Borrow a Dollar?”

The album is a little rough around the edges and very dated. His flows are choppy and rapid-fire, similar to other early 90’s Hip-Hop acts like Fu-Schnickens and Das EFX. But for a debut album it ain’t bad.

Common – Heidi Hoe
(Produced by The Beatnuts)

Common – Charms Alarm

Here’s the first track I ever heardfrom Common back in 1994. I was just a young kid watching Rap City Top 10.

Common – Watermelon

And here is a heater from his brand new album “Universal Mind Control.”

Common – Make My Day (ft. Cee-Lo)

Check out more footage from last Saturday’s show. This time Common shows off his break dancing skills. If you didn’t know now you know!

Common Breaking @ Sports Arena in LA from Golden Bloggen on Vimeo.

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