Legendary Dim Mak Tuesdays at Cinespace were back in full effect last week when Steve Aoki returned from his trip overseas touring with Bloody Beetroots. I followed their journey on The Cobrasnake’s party photo site and shit looked bananas. I can’t wait til me and my crew are traveling the world and wrecking shit. Believe it!

I got to catch up with Cinespace resident DJ Them Jeans  before his set. Found out he’s playing the new Audiotistic in May. You remember those half Hip-Hop/half Rave festivals they used to have about 10 years ago. Anyway, here’s my boy Them Jeans with a couple of mash-ups. Dude’s real good live. He’s got that great blend of Hip-Hop and dance music. What’s not to love?
And here is my favorite track from Steve Aoki’s album “Pillowface and the Airplane Chronicles.” There’s something you don’t see everyday… a DJ with a proper album release. 

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