So this is the new Golden Bloggen. Blogger apparently went on a rampage and deleted some popular mp3 blogs because Google is an evil monster. Unfortunately, the old GB blog was one of the ones that got deleted. So we have now moved to WordPress and I will get the blog designed and pretty again very quickly. For now enjoy some old school electro. These are some Old School Hip-Hop tracks from the 80’s and apparently this style of Hip-Hop was called Electro as well, or Freestyle in some circles. So enjoy. And BTW that Planet Patrol track was really hard to find so FUCKING LISTEN TO IT!

Planet Patrol – Play at Your Own Risk

Afrika Bambaata – Planet Rock

Egyptian Lover –  Egypt, Egypt


  1. doomandglamour Says:

    Some classic tracks! If you guys liked these tracks you should head over to Cold Crush immediately for more electro funk music!
    Check out our electro mix downloads too!

  2. Mike Scott 2 Says:

    hey man, I love that planet patrol song.
    Its what drew me to the post…

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