I stumbled into the Echoplex last Friday for what I thought was going to be a normal Hip-Hop show. The Beat Junkies were spinning and Slum Village was performing. Sounds like a dope line-up right? But wait there’s more. SV was specifically there to celebrate the group’s founder J Dilla. It had been almost 4 years to the day since Jay had passed. They came out performing all the classic Slum tracks and the Beat Junkies were spinning nothing but Dilla produced tunes all night; Tribe, Common, Q-Tip, De La. It was fucking perfect. Something I needed to break the monotony of all the dance DJ’s I had been seeing.


Slum VIllage – Fall in Love

Jaylib – Starz

J Dilla ft. Common & D’angelo – So Far To Go

4 Responses to “J DILLA TRIBUTE SHOW”

  1. Welcome back goldenbloggen. Tearing up hype machine’s most popular list like blogspot never existed.

  2. […] three for three mash-ups , Potholesinmyblog, Mybandisbetterthanyourband, Blahblahblahscience, Goldenblog, TheWhitePanda, MusicRamen, and ChiddyBang. (Wouldn’t be possible wiffoutchu. […]

  3. That show sounds legit as hell. I post about Dilla all the time on my wordpress…thought you might be into it.


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