Ex-Northern State rapper Hesta Prynn has gone solo and released a couple songs that will have everyone putting her in the same sentence as Amanda Blank and Santigold. She’s still got that Hip-Hop feel that Northern State had, minus the all the cheese. These songs are more mature, better produced, and fit in with the current state of female driven indie music that is sweeping the blogosphere. If you guys know me I’m a sucker for a sweet female voice over some dope beats. Hope Hesta Prynn drops some more funky tracks real soon.

Hesta Prynn – Can We Go Wrong

Hesta Prynn – Woah Woah

2 Responses to “HESTA PRYNN”

  1. I hope she isn’t in the same sentence as Santigold and Amanda Blank, they’re sounding more and more like one-hit-wonders. I hope she can excel and make more and even better music! 🙂

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