Little Boots made her way back to LA for her biggest show yet. The El Rey was already packed by 9PM with fans eager to see opening act Dragonette. It was my first time seeing Dragonette, and her indie dance-pop was the perfect accompanying act for Ms. Boots. But when Little Boots stepped on the stage the crowd really went bananas. Little Boots showed off her stage presence with a few costume changes and even brought out her “Keytair.” A recent People magazine article said that Little Boots was following in Lady Gaga’s footstep. A comment that might make me swear off People magazine forever. If you follow Golden Bloggen you may know how much I hate that style-stealer Lady Gaga and her terrible music and how much I love Little Boots. And considering Little Boots has been getting tons of hype on the blogs since early 2008, which is BEFORE Lady Gaga released her debut single, it makes the statement that more infuriating. But more importantly LB is finally getting the recognition she deserves and will be playing at my favorite annual music festival Coachella next month.


Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat

Dragonette – I Get Around

One Response to “LITTLE BOOTS @ THE EL REY”

  1. lady gaga does suck,
    but so does little boots.
    she should have stayed with dead disco.

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