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Paul Oakenfold – “Ready Steady Go” (2002)
Dir. Georgi Lazar

Coming in at #6 is UK born Paul Oakenfold. Oakenfold was pretty much the Pioneer of bringing dance music to the mainstream both in America and across the pond. This guy was the biggest DJ in the world for maybe the entire decade of the 90’s. And I emphasize the word DJ. He didn’t have any original albums or singles until he released Bunkka in 2002. He reached unparalleled fame by remixing songs from some of the biggest names in music, as well as releasing epic full length albums of trance mixes. He has solidified himself as the most successful DJ ever, touring all over the world and playing the biggest venues on the planet. He inspired people like the late DJ AM, Steve Aoki, and even me, that you could make a very successful living strictly as a DJ. Recently people like Tiesto, and even more recently Deadmau5, have stolen some of his thunder, but when it comes to Trance, you just need to know one name… OAKENFOLD.

Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun

Paul Oakenfold – Hold Your Hand

Paul Oakenfold ft. Pharrell Williams – Sex N Money


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If you have been coming to Golden Bloggen for a while, you know how much I love my countdowns. This week we will be counting down the Most Influential Dance Acts. You can’t deny the impact dance music has had on pop music in the U.S. over the past couple of years with dance artists like Crookers, David Guetta, and Benny Benassi crossing over to the mainstream. So I will be acknowledging the Top 7 acts who were instrumental in being the dance sound to the masses in the states.

I’m starting off the countdown with Underworld. These guys have been around since the late 80’s but their track “Born Slippy” from the Trainspotting soundtrack really put them on the map in 1996. Electronic music was not getting a lot of spin on U.S. mainstream radio in the mid-90’s, so when “Born Slippy” broke thru it had a lot of people wondering “what the hell is this sound?” They haven’t really gained the success in the U.S. as most of the other bands on this list but these guys are still rocking to this day and are a very in-demand live act.

Underworld – Born Slippy

Underworld – Two Months Off

Underworld – Crocodile


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I was at Goodwill the other day just looking around and everytime I’m at Goodwill I will peruse their music section. You can find some classic gems in there. And I found an old school CD that was on top of my list. It was Bobby Brown’s 1988 album Don’t Be Cruel, the album that finally established him as a pop superstar. He had been in New Edition since the early 80’s but after they kicked him out for being the original bad boy he started getting all the ladies panties wet with his solo act. If you saw Bobby Brown in the 80’s you know where Usher got all his moves from.

Bobby Brown – My Prerogative

Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel

Bobby Brown – Roni


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Today I’m posting some of the best songs I’ve heard this year. I’ve been hearing these tracks all over the radio, seeing their videos on TV, and I’ve even heard some of em getting played in the club. I really like the Caribou track because it reminds me of Erlend Oye, one of my favorite male singers. Broken Bells is this dope collaboration between producer Danger Mouse and singer James Mercer formerly of the Shins. And the last track is from Mr. Julian Casablancas of the Strokes. I’m a huge Strokes fan and Julian will be rocking out at Coachella, which is now less than a month away! And if you are offended or titillated by the pic above it is from this new ridiculous site called All of the pics have Lazers coming out of girls boobs. It is hilarious.

Caribou – Odessa

Broken Bells – The High Road

Julian Casablancas – 11th Dimension


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I’ve been searching my Inbox for some new party jamz and it has been slim pickings. Nothing has really got my ears burning. I did stumble upon this track from new producer Shadowz. He remixed “Senta” from new up and coming French producer French Fries. It’s a fun track and it didn’t sound like everything else I was hearing, but Shadowz will be the first to admit that it is reminiscent of Afrojack. But a dope track is a dope track. And if you got some hot music send it my way!

French Fries – Senta (Shadowz Frequency Remix)


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In 1998 Air released their debut album Moon Safari which introduced the world to a new category in the Electronica genre called Chill-out. Their sound was so smooth, Air was the perfect name for the band. It was a different, slower approach to the Trip-Hop sound Massive Attack had started earlier in the 90’s and a stark contract to the harder dance sound on fellow Frenchies Daft Punk’s debut released the year before. They are by far the most influential Chill-out band and directly influenced Zero 7’s debut album Simple Things. If you’re not familiar with Air, you should check out the movie Virgin Suicides. They did the score for the movie and that shit is bananas.

Air – All I Need

Air – Sexy Boy

Air – Kelly Watch the Stars


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Little Boots made her way back to LA for her biggest show yet. The El Rey was already packed by 9PM with fans eager to see opening act Dragonette. It was my first time seeing Dragonette, and her indie dance-pop was the perfect accompanying act for Ms. Boots. But when Little Boots stepped on the stage the crowd really went bananas. Little Boots showed off her stage presence with a few costume changes and even brought out her “Keytair.” A recent People magazine article said that Little Boots was following in Lady Gaga’s footstep. A comment that might make me swear off People magazine forever. If you follow Golden Bloggen you may know how much I hate that style-stealer Lady Gaga and her terrible music and how much I love Little Boots. And considering Little Boots has been getting tons of hype on the blogs since early 2008, which is BEFORE Lady Gaga released her debut single, it makes the statement that more infuriating. But more importantly LB is finally getting the recognition she deserves and will be playing at my favorite annual music festival Coachella next month.


Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat

Dragonette – I Get Around