Tegan and Sara is one of the best new bands around. Every track they make is just 3 minute pop perfection. I included their most recent album Sainthood on my Top 10 albums of 2009. Recently their new single “Alligator” has gotten the remix treatment from everyone and their mama. But the best remix I’ve heard by far comes from South Carolina duo Toro Y Moi. I’m starting to get real sick of all these remixes floating around the blog world. Where are all the original tracks at you so-called Producers?! My rule is don’t remix a track unless you can make it better. But I will say I think Toro Y Moi did just that.

Tegan & Sara – Alligator (Toro y Moi Remix)

Here are some older but equally banging ass remixes.

Tegan & Sara – Walking with a Ghost (Deebs Remix)

Tegan & Sara – Back in Your Head (Morgan Page Remix)

Tegan & Sara – Back in Your Head (Tyler Fedchuk’s 1/2 Alive Remix)

4 Responses to “MORE TEGAN & SARA REMIXES”

  1. “Tegan and Sara is one of the best new bands around”??? Tegan and Sara are great but they’ve been around for over 10 years and have 6 albums to prove it. Looks like you’ve got some catching up to do! And who are the chicks in your picture? About all they have in common with Tegan and Sara is that they look like twins – the sultry ladies you have are most definitely not Tegan and Sara. Solid remixes though!

    • Dude I have all 6 T&S albums. I know all about em. But they didn’t break til about ’03 maybe even ’05. That’s still new in my book. And the reason I posted that pic is because those girls ARE twins. Random pics of girls is kind of a running theme on Golden Bloggen. Looks like YOU got some catching up to do.

  2. if i was tagan and sara, being called a new band would definitely insult me.

  3. 6-8 years in the music world is definitely not considered “new”. Sorry.

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