One of my all time favorite albums is Handsome Boy Modeling School’s So How’s Your Girl. I could write a 2 page article on the influence this 1999 release has had on me as well as the overall state of pop music, but I will try to condense it to one paragraph. Super producers Dan the Automator and Prince Paul joined forces on this outlandishly experimental concept album that was for some reason inspired by an episode of Chris Elliot’s sitcom “Get a Life.” They invited just about everyone to join them on this album, including members of Beastie Boys, Cibo Matto, Spain, Brand Nubian, and De La Soul just to name a few. This album single-handedly opened my eyes to a lot of experimental indie bands that I would have otherwise never discovered. I just picked up the new Gorillaz album Plastic Beach today, which is a direct decedent of this album. Dan the Automator, who works with Miho Hatori and Del the Funkee Homosapien on this album, joined with Damon Albarn to create the first Gorillaz album. Damon even appears with Del and Dan on 2000’s Deltron 3030. This is maybe the most eclectic album ever made and should be in everyone’s record collection.

Handsome Boy Modeling School – Rock ‘N Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This)

Handsome Boy Modeling School ft. Roisin Murphy and J-Live – The Truth

Handsome Boy Modeling School ft. Everyone – Sunshine


  1. finestcreativity Says:

    I just heard the track “The Truth” today, and you have convinced me to try and find the rest of the album and check it out 🙂 and probably Gorillaz album too if I like it!

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