Hip-Hop producer/Pop Artist Mike Posner has been getting a lot of radio play lately, but it’s mostly the Gigamesh remix of his track “Cooler Than Me.” Since Crookers blew up Kid Cudi’s track “Day N Night” it seems that mainstream radio has opened their minds to playing a lot of dance music. It also seems that the lines are being blurred between Dance and Pop music these days. I thought Dance was going to be the next Hip Hop but it’s seemed to jump Hip-Hop and has gone straight to attacking Pop music. I guess dance was always prevalent with artists like Madonna and Britney but I am seeing a full scale takeover. Hip-Hop, Pop, and Dance has combined into one giant monster. And when something like this happens it’s usually for the worst, but I’ve been feeling this track recently. And the other track “You Don’t Have to Leave” steals Miami Horror’s “Sometimes” beat, like so many artist’s Mixtapes are doing these days.

Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix)

Mike Posner – You Don’t Have to Leave

2 Responses to “MIKE POSNER”

  1. Damn, isn’t that kinda wrong to steal someones beat and then claim its produced by?

  2. the cooling then me track was produce by Block Star Ent. Not the G person

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