Today is a big day. I’m leaving for Coachella tomorrow, but before I leave I will be spinning at Golden Bloggen’s own Pre-Coachella party down at Bar Lubitsch in West Hollywood tonight. Come down if you’re looking to get down with some good tunes tonight. And for all of you who can’t make it, enjoy this track I got in the mail by the Aston Shuffle a couple weeks ago. It was accompanied by a few remixes. Something by Harvard Bass, Malente and newcomer D-Cup, but I thought the original was dancier than the remixes and worthy of it’s own post. I don’t know much about this duo from Australia, but I will definitely be playing close attention in the near future.

Aston Shuffle – I Wanna See You

One Response to “ASTON SHUFFLE”

  1. aston shuffle are mad, they play some pretty hectic fidget electro house-ish tunes.
    popular in australia are; for everyone, i wanna see you, stamp your shoe.
    They’ve got some good remixes out too, check out their remixes of malente, those are their best in my opinon

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