So I’ve been talking about this day for about a year now, but it is finally here. I’m blogging from a pub inside of a London train station. I made the leap. I will be traveling around Europe for the next few weeks partying my ass off and sharing the experience with all of you. I got some cool stuff planned, so hopefully everything will work out smoothly. And if it does, you are not going to want to miss it. Europe’s got the whole Electronic music scene on lock, so I’ll be seeing things I could only dream of when I was in the states. Case in point the Sonar Music Festival in Barcelona with headliners Chemical Brothers, as well as a special Ibiza trip in the future. And that’s just the tip of the Iceberg Slim. So keep coming back for more updates and feel free to hit me up. But most importantly dont forget to check out our Photo Page and Video Site.

In the meantime check out these fitting jams!

Europe – The Final Countdown

Spain – Do You See the Light

Berlin – The Metro

Mos Def – Traveling Man


  1. Looks like ur having a great time already. I haven’t been able to open up the pics, but I’m sure there wonderful. I’ll keep watching u on ur adventure. HAVE A GREAT TIME!

  2. hey man sounds like a rite plan!
    im over in ibiza for the summer, what kind of stuff u lookin to do here?

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