Whats up all? I know it’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything, but don’t worry I’m doing ok, just been traveling a lot. If you’re a devoted fan you may noticed that I have updated my photo page with pics from the Eurotrip. I started in London, now I’m in Stockholm, Sweden chilling with some good friends and partying my ass off. It’s “Studenten” in Stockholm right now so the city is crazy with kids just graduating from high school, hence the wild pic above. Coincidentally a week before I left LA I received a few tracks from Stockholm based artist Niva. They were some of the best tracks an artist has personally sent me in a while. It’s some “chillwave” stuff that is becoming a bigger genre by the day. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to meet up with Niva in Stockholm, but I have an interview with Koop’s Oscar Simonsson tomorrow that I’m real hyped about. The video interview will be up on the site shortly so stay close!


Niva – Ghost In My Head

Niva -The Boy From the Sun

Niva – Dizzyeyes

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