Sonar Day 2 made Day 1 look like some crackerjack festival. Day 2 was the first day for Sonar by Night, the evening event that goes until 7AM. That shit was straight bananas. But I started off in the day checking out this female Spanish producer named BFlecha who straight murdered it at like 2PM. She was a little bit Lykke Li a little bit Rusko. I was in love. Then I went to the beach for a little and came back in time to see New Young Pony Club. Days don’t get better than that, trust me.

After a much needed nap I headed to Sonar by Night to see Hot Chip at Midnight. I had just checked em out at Coachella and was hyped to see em yet again. Their crowd was huge and they really killed it. Also on the bill was Plastikman, some dude I had never heard of, whose sound and visual set-up (pictured above) reminded me of Etienne de Crecy. He was really the huge surprise of the night. After P-man’s set I randomly ran into a friend from LA. Crazy. We walked over to catch a glimpse of old school Hip-Hoppers Sugar Hill Gang’s set. Closing out the “night” was Carte Blanche (DJ Mehdi & Riton), playing until 7AM. But the highlight of the night, easily…. was 2 MANY DJ’s. I know Chemical Brothers are at Sonar, but 2 Many DJ’s will be hard to top. Amazing tracks and mashups and cool videos accompanying the music. They might have played the same set from Coachella, but who gives a shit? It was better the second time around. These were the first “electro” DJ’s I ever saw back in 2004 at Primavera Sound, ironically enough, in Barcelona.


BFLecha – Ceja de Carnival

Hot Chip – I Feel Better


Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok

D.I.M & TAI – Lyposuct

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