Wow! You guys have no idea what it took for me to get to see Crookers throw it down in their hometown of Milan. Well Saturday night I went to see Chemical Brothers in Barcelona. They finished around 5am and I had a flight at 8am. The airport was about an hour and a half away and there were no public buses or trains that were going at that time. A cab was going to cost 100 Euro and by the time I decided that might be the best solution it was too late. So I went to a closer airport to try and get a later flight out. The next flight to Milan was at 6:30PM which would get me to Milan by 8PM, still enough time to get to Beach Solaire to see Crookers that night.

The flight landed and I caught the first bus to Milan Central Station. I got there around 9:45, the last Bus to get me close Beach Solaire left at 9:30. So I had to take the Metro across town to catch another Bus that would get me there. I got as far as I could and had to take a cab to Beach Solaire. The fucking cab driver drove around for about 15 min looking for this place which was about 1 mile from where he picked me up. We never found it, and the area looked completely dead, like there was no way the biggest DJ’s in the country where DJing anywhere near there that night. So after a huge argument with the driver and him charging me 25 Euro to get me nowhere, I got out of the cab, in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Milan, Italy.

So now it’s 11:30PM and I’m walking by myself on the side of the road, no idea where I’m going, just heading in the direction towards Beach Solaire. After about 10 minutes of walking, some dude from Senegal pulls his car over and asks me if I know where Beach Solaire is. I say “Crookers?” And he says yea and tells me to hop in! We drive around for 5 min and find Beach Solaire, which was definitely closed. He drives around and says his friend told him about some Hip-Hop show close by. We drive around for another 10 minutes and find some people walking toward a club. I can’t really understand their Italian conversation, but I understand the word “House Music” and I think “Crookers.” We follow the crowd to the club and inside…. sure enough, the MOTHERFUCKING CROOKERS! Dropping some huge bombs. I grabbed 2 drinks real quick and got down on that dancefloor! The things I do for music.


Crookers ft. Soulwax and Mixhell – We Love Animals (The Love Supreme Remix)

One Response to “CROOKERS IN MILANO”

  1. you are the man, i would take mad trips to see the crookers too

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