After spending Sunday night sleeping in Milan’s train station I caught an early plane out to Frankfurt, Germany Monday morning to see one of my favorite, more recent bands, Tegan & Sara. It would be my 5th concert in 5 days, and my 3rd country in 3 days to boot. It would also be my 7th time seeing Tegan & Sara perform, and I thought, what a better way to end the dance filled Golden Bloggen Eurotrip than with some nice Pop music played by girls with guitars. Opening for T&S was the super sexy and talented Hesta Prynn, formerly of Northern State. I sat down for an interview with Hesta Prynn before her set in Frankfurt, which I will be revealing on on Indie Nation TV in the near future. This Golden Bloggen Eurotrip was one wild ride. I had the most fun of my life and saw some really amazing cities and incredible musical acts. Stay tuned this weekend for a recap of the Electric Daisy Carnival Music Festival in Los Angeles. The party never stops at Golden Bloggen!.


Tegan & Sara – On Directing

Hesta Prynn – Can We Go Wrong

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