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Posted in MUSIC on July 29, 2010 by Keyvon

I recently sat down with Hesta Prynn before her sold out show in Frankfurt, Germany. If you follow Golden Bloggen closely, you may have seen the post and pictures I put up about a month ago. Today, I am excited to share with you the Indie Nation TV Premiere of that interview with Hesta Prynn. The interview was really great. The girl was awesome and real down to earth. We just talked about Hip-Hop for about 30 minutes. In addition to the video premiere, Golden Bloggen’s very own Jeremy just released the first EP for Ray Ban called Never Hide Noise: EP1. And he decided to include GB favorite Hesta Prynn as one of the featured artists. Check out each track or download the entire Zip File below. It’s 5 new tracks of indie music hotness.


Casxio – Seventeen (Noel Zancanella Remix)

Jamaica – I Think I Like U 2

Love Grenades – Young Lovers (Sam Sparro Mix)

Hesta Prynn – Can We Go Wrong

Via Audio – Babies



Posted in CONCERTS on July 27, 2010 by Keyvon

I’ve been going to Audiotistic since I was in High School. The first Audiotistic I ever went to was back in 2001 in Long Beach and it featured Common and Dilated Peoples as well as a slew of dance DJ’s. Qualifying Audiotistic as one of the first places to seamlessly attract Hip-Hop heads and ravers. And this weekend was no different. The Line-up included A-trak, Bassnectar, Rusko, N.A.S.A., Relfection Eternal, and headliner Kid Cudi.

The crowd was buzzing hours before Cudi’s set. This dude had become a superstar seemingly over night. Day N’ Night came out less than 3 years ago and now this dude is headlining festivals? It’s bananas, but the support is definitely around him. The guy has an air about him that cannot be denied and it comes through big time during his live performances. Kid Cudi’s popularity is understandable but I am not overwhelmed by his talent. He’s not really a singer or rapper and unlike his predecessors Kanye and Pharrell, does not produce his own material. But his music sounds good and I’m sure the ladies love his shirtless outfits during his performance, but I need something more from you Kid. A live band maybe, or just something that we’ve never seen before.

The real star of the festival was A-trak. There are some great dance DJ’s out there, but unfortunately a lot of them are interchangeable. Not A-trak. This dude is from the old school DMC Battle days. If you take away his computer he wouldn’t skip a beat, he’d probably wow you more with his turntablist abilities. I first got into the DJ scene from watching Hip-Hop DJ’s, so I appreciate A-trak’s blend of Hip-Hop turntablism with hardcore electro beats. There aren’t many guys who live so concretely in both worlds, and he does it flawlessly, so big ups Mr. Trak.


Reflection Eternal ft. Mos Def – This Means You

N.A.S.A. ft. Kanye West, Lykke Li, and Santigold – Gifted

Duck Sauce – The Motion


Posted in CONCERTS on July 24, 2010 by Keyvon

Last night there was  a wealth of talent out at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood. The All Hearts Tour featured co-headliners Robyn and Kelis, and if that weren’t enough, newcomer Dan Black opened up the night. You usually have to go to a festival to get a line-up that impressive. Dan Black may be new to the game but the dude already has his swagger in full effect. His blend of Electro and R&B combined with his stage presence most closely resembles UK superstar Calvin Harris. So does that mean Dan is headed for stardom like Mr. Harris? I’d say so.

As for the headliners Kelis & Robyn, you couldn’t ask for more! Robyn even brought it back to the old school, playing her 1997 jam “Show Me Love” during her encore. And the track “Don’t Fucking Tell Me what to Do” off her new album Body Talk Pt. 1 murdered the crowd, and is currently my favorite jam to drop at the club. GB Favorite Kelis rocked the crowd about as hard as you could ask. Though she didn’t reach into her time machine and play old tracks from her debut album Kaleidoscope like Robyn, she was very original and above all real fucking LIVE. Highlights included her mash-up of Madonna’s “Holiday” with her own “Milkshake,” a Hip-Hop medley accompanied by her 2 on-stage DJ’s, and most impressively her rocking post-baby body. I thought I couldn’t love Kelis anymore than I already did. I was waaaay off.


Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi – Symphonies

Kelis – Intro

Robyn – Don’t ******* Tell Me What To Do


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From their name you automatically know this group must be from Cali. Sorry NY, but the west coast is the best coast. Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno make up LA-based band Best Coast who will be releasing their debut album “Crazy For You” on July 27th. The album will include all new, unreleased tracks to keep the fan’s ears fresh and happy. Their smooth sound is the perfect soundtrack for watching a sunset at the beach on a lazy summer day. I love my female vocals and Bethany’s sweet, calming voice perfectly drenches the bands lo-fi, surfin indie rock. I would definitely include them as one of the best new bands of 2010 and am hyped to see them at Fuck Yeah Fest in LA this September.

Best Coast – When I’m With You

Best Coast – Boyfriend


Posted in CONCERTS, MUSIC on July 15, 2010 by Keyvon

Thanks to Hey Champ for sitting down with us before their very special performance at Bardot in Hollywood on July 10th. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed their upbeat sound and well put-together vibe. Be sure to pick up Hey Champ’s hot new release Star featuring the lively hit “Cold Dust Girl” and check out pics from the show in our Party Pics section!

By Austin Jones

Golden Bloggen: Who did you guys idolize growing up? Who did you listen to?

Hey Champ: – Pete: Homer Simpson, Beastie Boys and Nirvana.

Saam: Mozart and the Beatles’ White Album

Jonathan: Lars Ulrich, John Bonham, and Pantera

GB: Who do you listen to now?

HC: So much stuff: Siriusmo, Space, Donny Hathaway, ELO, Penguin Prison

GB: What did you guys think when Lupe Fiasco called you? Did you know it would be your big break?

HC: It was certainly a shock, we didn’t really know what he wanted. We figured he wanted us to write a beat for him or whatever. It kind of happened fast, from the first phone call to going on tour with him, so we didn’t really have a chance to sit and think about whether this was our big break or not, it was just all awesome to us.

GB: What is your relationship with Bardot and how did you get started performing there?

HC: We were very nervous the first time we played Bardot because we didn’t know how our loud music would stand up in such a nice space. But Andres was so great and keeps bringing us back. Every time we are there it’s like our home in LA, such a good time.

GB: What are you most looking forward to for the release of “Star” July 13th?

HC: There are a lot of fans of our music that have patiently waited for more material. They’ve stuck with us and we’re looking forward to giving it to them.

GB: How do you feel about

HC: Love it, we definitely check it a few times each week (and not just for our stuff.) It’s basically like walking into a record shop to listen to new music.

GB: What do you think of the members of the crowd that take substances to enhance their experience?

HC: They do? That would explain why everyone thinks our drummer is Jesus.

GB: What do you think the world needs more of?

HC: Celebrity Sex Tapes

GB: There is a river you must cross, but it is inhabited by flesh eating platypus. How do you manage it?

HC: Piece of cake. We’d need a ball of twine, nail polish remover, and a semi-ripe honeydew. You know the rest….

GB: If you could teach the children of the world one thing that would stick with them for life, what would it be?

HC: Have a good time, all the time…


And check out these hot tracks from Hey Champ:

Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Hey Champ Remix)


Posted in MUSIC on July 6, 2010 by Keyvon

I might be a little late with the 4th of July post considering it’s the 6th, but today Kelis releases her 5th album, Fleshtone in the U.S. I actually copped this album when I was in London last month and have been loving it ever since. Kelis was featured in our countdown of the Best Female Singers coming in at #8, and this album proves that she is very deserving of the spot. Kelis has been ahead of the game since she was a teenager. Her 1999 debut album Kaleidoscope was entirely produced by the Neptunes, as was her sophomore album Wanderland, which was so ahead of it’s time the record label was scared to release it in the U.S. Her new album Fleshtone features production from Boys Noize, David Guetta, and Benny Benassi. This girl is out of her mind! And don’t sleep on the Calvin Harris remix. That shit is heavy.

Kelis – 4th of July

Kelis – 4th of July (Calvin Harris Remix)