Last night there was  a wealth of talent out at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood. The All Hearts Tour featured co-headliners Robyn and Kelis, and if that weren’t enough, newcomer Dan Black opened up the night. You usually have to go to a festival to get a line-up that impressive. Dan Black may be new to the game but the dude already has his swagger in full effect. His blend of Electro and R&B combined with his stage presence most closely resembles UK superstar Calvin Harris. So does that mean Dan is headed for stardom like Mr. Harris? I’d say so.

As for the headliners Kelis & Robyn, you couldn’t ask for more! Robyn even brought it back to the old school, playing her 1997 jam “Show Me Love” during her encore. And the track “Don’t Fucking Tell Me what to Do” off her new album Body Talk Pt. 1 murdered the crowd, and is currently my favorite jam to drop at the club. GB Favorite Kelis rocked the crowd about as hard as you could ask. Though she didn’t reach into her time machine and play old tracks from her debut album Kaleidoscope like Robyn, she was very original and above all real fucking LIVE. Highlights included her mash-up of Madonna’s “Holiday” with her own “Milkshake,” a Hip-Hop medley accompanied by her 2 on-stage DJ’s, and most impressively her rocking post-baby body. I thought I couldn’t love Kelis anymore than I already did. I was waaaay off.


Dan Black ft. Kid Cudi – Symphonies

Kelis – Intro

Robyn – Don’t ******* Tell Me What To Do


  1. manila killa Says:

    Hey guys, nice post – just wanted to put our remix out there, and see what people think about it.


  2. Andy Ross Says:

    Check Out Richard Walter’s new song, Elephant In The Room with Remix by Morgan Page:

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