If you were lucky enough to catch the sold out Wolfgang Gartner performance at Avalon last Friday night then congratulations and no explanation of the show is necessary for you. Skip right to the attractive and intelligent people in the party pics section. For the rest of you, let me paint the picture. It was like being a spectator in the future of gladiator times in the Coliseum of Rome. If that doesn’t make any sense, imagine that instead of watching a man fight a lion you’re watching two 25 foot tall robots battle to the death — instead of sitting in an arean, you’re dancing your balls off — and instead of it being the 1st Century BCE it’s 3030 with lasers and fog machines and shit. I guess what I’m trying to say is the energy was comparable to a gladiator battle or even a bull fight in Spain.

Wolfgang brought the heat from start to finish, and for that we thank him.

See if you can spot Keyvon’s biggest crush IN THE WORLD in the party pics section. HINT: Her first name is two letters.

Enjoy the firey tracks below.



Kaskade – Kaskade VS. Wolfgang Gartner Steppin’ Out Undertaker (Kaskade’s EDC 2010 Mashup)

Wolfgang Gartner – Push/Rise (LightsoverLA re-edit)

Wolfgang Gartner – Hook Shot

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