Ok so maybe the tracks aren’t brand new, but these are three folk rock songs that have been stuck in my head all year. I love a good folk rock song to break up the constant Hip-Hop and dance music coming out of my speakers. I covered the Angus and Julia Stone show earlier this year and the Roots had me drooling on their Monsters of Folk and Joanna Newsom samples off their new album. About a dozen years ago I got into folk rock with Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant and all those Lilith gals. I was looking for some guy singers and couldn’t find any good ones. The only dude making stuff was Duncan Sheik. Remember him? “Barely Breathing” anyone? Now I got a ton of artists to choose from, Indie Folk Rock is growing almost at the same speed as Electro. And its coming from all over the world. Angus & Julia are from Australia, Mumford and Sons are from England, Vandaveer is from DC, and Everest is from right here in Los Angeles. Enjoy!

Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man

Everest – Let Go

Vandaaveer – A Might Leviathan of Old (Live)

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