Al Green – “Stay With Me” (Live)

The great Reverend Al Green performed at the Greek Theater this past Saturday night and even though the man is almost 65 he still puts on one hell of a show. He high-stepped onto stage Donning a suit and black C0nverse All-stars, still as cocky as he was when he was posing for album covers with his shirt off. And why shouldn’t he be? He’s only the greatest soul singer of all-time. He immediately headed for the pile of strategically placed roses on stage and threw them to some screaming ladies in the first row. He must have gotten lonely after a few songs, because he ran into the crowd to dole out kisses to some adoring fans (see the VIDEO ABOVE), not once, but twice. The Reverend performed some songs from his latest album, 2008’s “Lay It Down”, as well as every classic Al Green track you could imagine. He even played some of his favorite soul songs from the likes of the Temptations and the Four Tops.

I grew up on soul music. Al Green is a musical God in my book. Quite simply put, he is the best male singer of all time. My advice to you is to catch him while you still can. Nothing can compare to seeing Al Green perform songs like “Love and Happiness” and “I’m So Tired of Being Alone” in person.


Al Green – Love and Happiness

Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

Al Green ft. John Legend – Stay With Me (By the Sea)

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