Recently I was listening to my favorite radio station KCRW and heard a track that sounded a lot like Zhane’s “Hey Mr. DJ”, but it was an instrumental that had somewhat of a funky twist. I thought it might be the original track that Zhane sampled, but instead it turned out to be the new production “Original Wackoff” from UK electronica act Clause Four. Clause Four just released his “Be the One” EP on his new label Modern Soul and it’s 5 tracks of hot soul samples and original electronica production. Electronica soul is a mixture of two of my favorite genres but it has yet to become a very popular genre on its own. Even though Dilla passed away over four years ago, he is still the biggest name in the game. I’m definitely not crowning Clause Four the predecessor to Dilla’s crown, but it is great to see someone carrying on the tradition of groovy soul samples and edits over bouncy Electronica beats.

**And speaking of Electronica Soul, I will doing my best J Dilla impersonation this Friday at Glow Bar in Marina Del Rey, CA tomorrow night at 10PM. Come support your boy**

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