miami horror

Saturday was a pretty strange night. I went to SANTA MONICA of all places to see Australian dance duo Miami Horror. To my surprise Miami Horror had exchanged their turntables for real instruments. The result was a live show that still got the crowd dancing like mad people. Look at lead singer Josh Moriarty (pictured above) unbuttoning his sweaty shirt for all the ladies in the house. I have a ton of respect for DJ’s and Producers who can actually get on stage and play rock star for the night. It really proves how talented these guys are. If you’re unfamiliar with Miami Horror, they have been killing it in the blog world for a few years now because of their impressive remixes. They started releasing some original material as demos a couple years ago and finally released their debut full length album Illumination last month. We’ve been jocking these guys on GB for a while and after their recent success and exposure it looks like this “blog” band is gonna be around for a while.

And a special thanks to the Guns in the Sun/ Crap Eyewear crew for once again bringing some quality dance shows to the Westside.


Grafton Primary – I Can Cook (Miami Horror Remix)


  1. Yo! I was at that show too and yes it was so much fun. Miami Horror was on it….

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