By Austin Jones

The performance at the El Rey in Hollywood last Friday night started off with a great opening act — Young the Giant. If you haven’t checked these guys out, make sure you do. Their catchy songwriting, ascending melodic tones and cohesive energy on stage won over a crowd that was primarily there for Marina & the Diamonds. The night crescendo-ed with their hit songs “My Body” and “I Got” proving that front man Sameer Gadhia is a true rock star. This young band (all in their early 20s) is sure to be headlining sold out shows in the not-to-distant future, so get in before the crowd!

Marina’s performance was nothing short of true art. She captivated “the diamonds” (how she refers to the audience) through beautifully passionate vocals and dramatic stage lighting. Although Marina can be categorized as pop music, we would argue that she is a refreshing alternative to pop. According to The Guardian‘s Paul Lester, “her songs are hard to fathom. They veer between simple keyboards-based ballads and more upbeat and catchy, quirky new wave-inflected numbers enhanced by bass, guitar and drums.”

Take a look at the PARTY PICS to get an idea of the night

Special thanks the Press Here Publicity ( and the El Rey Theater for another great performance!

Marina & The Diamonds – Seventeen

Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not a Robot (The Aspirins for My Children Remix)

Marina & The Diamonds – I Am Not a Robot (Fool’s Gold Remix)

Young the Giant – I Got

Young the Giant – My Body

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