Silverlake Mexican restaurant El Cid hosts some pretty sick parties every now and then (we covered the Moullinex/ Futurecop! show there a few months ago), but this Friday might have taken the cake. DJ Superstar Diplo was the surprise guest, and his Major Lazer pals Switch and Skerritt Bwoy were in the house as well, Skerrit Bwoy even jumped on stage to perform his pattented crowd hyping. Abe Vigoda and Paul Devro were also on the jam-packed bill. I heard Pauly D (I’m sure he doesn’t want me calling him that) drop a track that I have been hearing a lot over the past few months, and I ran on stage to see what he was playing. It was Opulent Sound’s “Stickin.” So, everyone who downloads the track, YOUR WELCOME! You don’t have to search the internets or stalk DJ’s to find it like I did.

Anyway the night was crazy and the freaks were out to play. Check the PARTY PICS to see how crazy the girls were getting for Diplo’s set.

Opulent Sound – Stickin (Moombahton Edit)

Lomandra Crew – Opulent Sound Remix

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