Kool Ethan is back! It’s been a few months since I dropped a mix on you so here’s some new new. I’ve been in the dungeon for the past week or so concocting this delightful mix of audio and visual nuggets for y’all. If you want to take a look inside my head this is what you get. But I gotta warn you there’s some crazy shit in there. The music video above consists of some random gatherings of shit I love that from my childhood as well as some new pop culture references like the origin of “Kool Ethan.” It is the perfect companion to my new mix “Electrofied.” Below I have the Soundcloud wave so you can stream or download the audio part of the mix. And I have every track available for download below as well. Would love to hear some feedback on the video and the mix itself. Enjoy!


Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses

Art of Noise – Moments in Love (Caspa Remix)

Sunday Girl – Four Floors (Diplo Remix)

Drop the Lime – Sex Sax (Bart B More Remix)

Stacey Q – Two of Hearts

D.I.M. & Tai – Lyposuct

Kelis – Fourth of July (Calvin Harris Remix)

Debbie Deb – Lookout Weekend

Stromae – Alors on Danse

Gyptian – Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix)

Boris Dlugisch – Bangkok

Robyn – Don’t ****** Tell Me What to Do

4 Responses to “KOOL ETHAN – “ELECTROFIED!””

  1. Lol!!! Wow, that brought me back. U actually made the 80’s and 90’s look good. Wow, the Neutrinos, Saved by the Bell, Army of Darkness, Care Bears and Voltron. Ridiculous!!!! lol. Good mixing. The video was seamless.

  2. […] clocking in at over 30 minutes. At Golden Bloggen where we love the marriage of film and music (see Electrofied!), it’s exciting to see something this ambitious. Kanye directed it and the great Hype […]

  3. […] that incorporates a ton of cool retro clips that you would love if you were a fan of my own “Electrofied!” music video. This is the perfect track if you’re missing the summer and trapped in this crazy […]

  4. […] check out their video above. A little reminiscent of “Electrofied!” if you ask me. Eco World Content From Across The Internet. Featured on EcoPressed Opower […]

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