I heard Chris Douridas drop Anjulie’s new track “Warrior” on KCRW a few months ago and my ears perked up immediately. Chris loves to play a lot of slow girl so when he dropped this Electro heavy SG gem it caught me by surprise. I rushed home to Google who this Anjulie was and tried my best to find the track. Turns out Anjulie is that sexy artist pictured above who currently calls LA her home. I wasn’t able to find her track until very recently and now all of you are lucky enough to be able to download it here. The titling of the song is a little odd. Some artist named J.O.B. is credited on the track as well as MadV and local DJ 12th Planet. I’m not sure who did what, all I know is that this shit is FIRE. Download and enjoy.

Anjulie – Warrior

Anjulie – Warrior (LA Riots Remix)

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