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[Vimeo 16753508]

If you haven’t seen this yet, its about time you learn. Kanye released his new album yesterday and if you picked up the Deluxe Edition it comes with his impressive short “Runaway” on DVD. It’s a pretty original piece of art. It’s a short film that feels like a very extended music video, clocking in at over 30 minutes. At Golden Bloggen where we love the marriage of film and music (see Electrofied!), it’s exciting to see something this ambitious. Kanye directed it and the great Hype Williams wrote it. Let us know what you think.


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By Austin Jones

Australian dance rockers Midnight Juggernauts exploded into our hearts with their 2007 debut Dystopia. Now they’re touring to support their recent release The Crystal Axis and will be playing at the Echoplex tonight as part of the Check Yo’ Ponytail resurrection. We caught up with them and asked the questions we’ve all been thinking (and some no one has been thinking).

What were the differences in creating Dystopia (2007) versus The Crystal Axis (2010)?

Well Dystopia was recorded at our home studios following particular visions, but for the Crystal Axis we were coming off a long tour and wanted to try a different approach. We set up all our gear in a beach house and just jammed on songs and let them evolve loosely to see how they would come out. Plus this time round Daniel was more ingrained in the band and so had greater involvement in the new album. Plus we brought in another engineer Chris Moore who also brought his own vibe to it. It makes it more fun for us to shake things up once in a while so each new release has a distinct personality.

What do you think of more and more people discovering music via the internet?

It’s definitely a great tool to hear what’s out there. And exposing your music as well. There’s definitely pros and cons for artists in the internet age but in general it’s had a positive effect for most acts.

Do you follow any music blogs like

I used to but it becomes like a never ending constant stream so not really as much as I used to. Also blogs should be there to give tastes of new music, rather then trying to be first to leak this or that. It should be used in a positive way for everyone.

What inspired the lyrics of Tombstone?

I guess it was inspired by a constant bombardment of worldwide drama at the time. I remember someone sent me a message asking if the song was about George Bush. I like keeping the meaning loose so people can make their own subjective interpretations.

How is your cover art made?

It was shot in an old ballroom in Melbourne and we wanted to construct some sculpture incorporating all the instruments we’d used to create the album. It was also the same shoot which our friends krozm used to make the accompanying music clip. It was actually a lot of fun going to old theatre companies and raiding their prop storerooms to add more ornamentation. We also liked the idea of the cover art being a physical construct, rather than something made as a montage in photoshop.

What are your favorite songs to play live and why?

Well it’s always fun to play a single like Shadows or Into the Galaxy when you know fans will recognise it and respond. But we also like playing songs like Vital Signs or So Many Frequencies where we pull them inside out and jam on extended sections, just to shake them up a bit. It makes it fun for us when we’re touring.

What do you think the world needs more of?

Free wifi.

When the impending Zombie Apocalypse comes (and we both know it will), what will be your weapon of choice?

Samba music. All Zombies love samba.

If you could teach the children of the world one thing that would stick with them for life, what would it be?

Be good to your brothers and sisters, and remember to charge your laptop before long road trips.

Do you have any heroes?

Steve Martin.


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One of the World’s biggest DJs, David Guetta, performed at the Hollywood Palladium this past Saturday on the last stop of his World Tour. This dude has been touring all over the world all year. He was at Coachella in April, had a summer residency in Ibiza, and hit up about every other party spot along the way. There is probably no one else on Earth living the life more than this crazy Parisian. His most recent album “One Love” is one of the biggest dance albums of all time with singles like “Sexy Bitch”, “Memories”, and “When Love Takes Over” topping the charts and getting tons of mainstream radio airplay. On top of that his collaborations with the Black Eyed Peas has made him a household name worldwide. So when this guy comes to town it’s a huge deal. To say the least, the night was sold out. Most of the crowd looked like they had been waiting to see this guy their entire life. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people waving their camera phones.

He’s been a club DJ since he was a teenager, now over 40 you can imagine that Guetta knows what he’s doing onstage. The crowd was hyped for the entire first 2 hours of his set. That’s right the FIRST two hours. At about 2AM his good friend, and LA Native Will.i.Am, joined David behind the decks to perform another hour of ass-shaking, fist-pumping dance music. Saying this was the biggest party of the weekend doesn’t do it justice. This had to be the biggest party of the month, and definitely one of the best this year. Make sure you catch Mr. Guetta next time he is in your town.


David Guetta – Toyfriend

David Guetta – Toyfriend (Instrumental)

David Guetta – Joan of Arc (Crookers Remix)


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The wonderful Blonde Redhead came thru LA for a 2 day stay at the Music Box in Hollywood. The band’s unique line up includes Japanese singer Kazu Makino and Italian twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace. Their albums have a nice mixture of indie rock, slow girl and electronica, but their live shows can get pretty fucking rocking at times. Amadeo Pace plays the guitar like he is channeling Hendrix. He ended the set rolling around on the stage and undulating along with his tremendous riffs. It was quite a surprise but unbelievably enjoyable. The band dug deep in their back pocket and played some older tunes from their expansive library. I knew they had been around for a while, but I didn’t know they had been doing this for over 17 years! But whatever they decided to play Kazu’s hauntingly beautiful voice sent chills down my spine making every song a 5 star track. Click the link below to see all the cool photos from the night, including Kazu’s really cool headdress to open the show.


Blonde Redhead – Not Getting There

Blonde Redhead – Misery is A Butterfly

Blonde Redhead – 23


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We doing  it up big this Friday! Golden Bloggen is presenting one huge night of music this Friday at El Cid in Silverlake. We got my boys New Kingdom headlining, KCRW DJ Aaron Byrd spinning, and I will be dropping some big dance tracks late night. I’ve been following these dudes New Kingdom for a while and they put on one crazy live show. Their lead singer has more energy than any frontman you’re likely to see. Dude runs around stage and in the crowd like Usain Bolt on speed. Shit it’s dope! Come down and experience a guaranteed good time. There will even be free PBR til 11. How can you go wrong?

New Kingdom – Stepped on the Scene

New Kingdom – Red Walls


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By Austin Jones

The Electropop/Indie-clash Rock band that is Two Door Cinema Club performed at The Music Box in Hollywood last night and boy did the crowd show up. They played to a packed audience, hanging on their every note, clapping along with the tunes, and singing along with the lyrics that could be deciphered from the singer’s Irish accent. The performance will be featured on Jimmy Kimmel soon so keep your eyes peeled…

The 4-piece ensemble from Bangor and Donaghadee, Northern Ireland was established in 2007 and dropped their first album Tourist History in March of 2010 under French record label Kitsuné Music.

“Two Door Cinema Club” was named after a band member’s mispronunciation of “Tudor Cinema” (their local theatre) and the name stuck. 2DCC gained steam in December of 2009 when they were featured in the BBC’s Sound Of 2010 Poll, getting a nod from highly respected British critics and paving the way for a tour with Phoenix in 2010.

Special thanks to Glassnote Records for facilitating such a great performance.


Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (Ted & Francis Remix)

Mochi Beats – Forever Impossible (Two Door Cinema Club + Drake + Iyaz + Shontelle)


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Halloween was last night and so was the much anticipated HARD Haunted Mansion featuring headliners Underworld. I wasn’t fortunate enough to score tix to last night’s show but I did gain access to Saturday night’s festivities. I’ve been covering HARD’s events for over 3 years now. Besides covering their shows for my own sites, I’ve covered HARD events for LA Weekly, Campus Circle,, and more. You would think they would show me some love or at least treat me with some respect by now, but apparently not.

I was on my way to see one of my favorite live DJ acts, Crookers (who followed Diplo, because Mr. Oizo couldn’t make it). I get into the photo pit and the security guards tell me to wait on the side until Crookers came on. After about 5 minutes some fat, bald biker looking dude, rocking some stupid pointy beard and a earpiece rolls up on me claiming to be the “head of security.” Dude looked like he should be working at Guitar Center or playing in a Metallica cover band. He says “get the fuck out of here or I’m gonna rip that photo pass off your shirt.” He wouldn’t give me an explanation but forced me to leave. He didn’t ASK me to leave, just yelled at me and acted like he was gonna beat me up. What the fuck? They asked me to come out and cover the event, then they treat me like shit when I try to take photos of their recycled, mislabeled acts. REALLY?!! So like many of you proclaimed after HARD Summer was canceled last year, I think this will be my last HARD Fest.