One of the World’s biggest DJs, David Guetta, performed at the Hollywood Palladium this past Saturday on the last stop of his World Tour. This dude has been touring all over the world all year. He was at Coachella in April, had a summer residency in Ibiza, and hit up about every other party spot along the way. There is probably no one else on Earth living the life more than this crazy Parisian. His most recent album “One Love” is one of the biggest dance albums of all time with singles like “Sexy Bitch”, “Memories”, and “When Love Takes Over” topping the charts and getting tons of mainstream radio airplay. On top of that his collaborations with the Black Eyed Peas has made him a household name worldwide. So when this guy comes to town it’s a huge deal. To say the least, the night was sold out. Most of the crowd looked like they had been waiting to see this guy their entire life. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people waving their camera phones.

He’s been a club DJ since he was a teenager, now over 40 you can imagine that Guetta knows what he’s doing onstage. The crowd was hyped for the entire first 2 hours of his set. That’s right the FIRST two hours. At about 2AM his good friend, and LA Native Will.i.Am, joined David behind the decks to perform another hour of ass-shaking, fist-pumping dance music. Saying this was the biggest party of the weekend doesn’t do it justice. This had to be the biggest party of the month, and definitely one of the best this year. Make sure you catch Mr. Guetta next time he is in your town.


David Guetta – Toyfriend

David Guetta – Toyfriend (Instrumental)

David Guetta – Joan of Arc (Crookers Remix)

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