By Austin Jones

Australian dance rockers Midnight Juggernauts exploded into our hearts with their 2007 debut Dystopia. Now they’re touring to support their recent release The Crystal Axis and will be playing at the Echoplex tonight as part of the Check Yo’ Ponytail resurrection. We caught up with them and asked the questions we’ve all been thinking (and some no one has been thinking).

What were the differences in creating Dystopia (2007) versus The Crystal Axis (2010)?

Well Dystopia was recorded at our home studios following particular visions, but for the Crystal Axis we were coming off a long tour and wanted to try a different approach. We set up all our gear in a beach house and just jammed on songs and let them evolve loosely to see how they would come out. Plus this time round Daniel was more ingrained in the band and so had greater involvement in the new album. Plus we brought in another engineer Chris Moore who also brought his own vibe to it. It makes it more fun for us to shake things up once in a while so each new release has a distinct personality.

What do you think of more and more people discovering music via the internet?

It’s definitely a great tool to hear what’s out there. And exposing your music as well. There’s definitely pros and cons for artists in the internet age but in general it’s had a positive effect for most acts.

Do you follow any music blogs like Hypem.com?

I used to but it becomes like a never ending constant stream so not really as much as I used to. Also blogs should be there to give tastes of new music, rather then trying to be first to leak this or that. It should be used in a positive way for everyone.

What inspired the lyrics of Tombstone?

I guess it was inspired by a constant bombardment of worldwide drama at the time. I remember someone sent me a message asking if the song was about George Bush. I like keeping the meaning loose so people can make their own subjective interpretations.

How is your cover art made?

It was shot in an old ballroom in Melbourne and we wanted to construct some sculpture incorporating all the instruments we’d used to create the album. It was also the same shoot which our friends krozm used to make the accompanying music clip. It was actually a lot of fun going to old theatre companies and raiding their prop storerooms to add more ornamentation. We also liked the idea of the cover art being a physical construct, rather than something made as a montage in photoshop.

What are your favorite songs to play live and why?

Well it’s always fun to play a single like Shadows or Into the Galaxy when you know fans will recognise it and respond. But we also like playing songs like Vital Signs or So Many Frequencies where we pull them inside out and jam on extended sections, just to shake them up a bit. It makes it fun for us when we’re touring.

What do you think the world needs more of?

Free wifi.

When the impending Zombie Apocalypse comes (and we both know it will), what will be your weapon of choice?

Samba music. All Zombies love samba.

If you could teach the children of the world one thing that would stick with them for life, what would it be?

Be good to your brothers and sisters, and remember to charge your laptop before long road trips.

Do you have any heroes?

Steve Martin.


  1. Can’t wait for the show tonight!

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