By Austin Jones
We caught up with The Dandy Warhol’s guitarist Peter Holmstrom for an exclusive Golden Bloggen interview. The Dandies will be performing this Friday at Club Nokia for what is sure to be the show of the night. The Dandy Warhols are an American rock band from Portland, Oregon who formed in 1993. How have they remained together and successful for so long? Check out the interview below to find out. Lead singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor says the band formed because they “needed music to drink to.”

Come enjoy some music to drink to this Friday in downtown LA, and check back with us after the show to see yourself in our Party Pics!

Golden Bloggen: You guys are a rare band that after 15 years, 8 studio albums, 2 compilation albums, 6 EPs and 22 singles you are still together. What is your secret to longevity?

Dandy Warhols: We all want the same thing.  To play music.

What are you favorite songs to play live and why?

Mohammed, I Love You, Holding Me up.  All the songs that we jam out on.

What inspires the band?


What do you think of more and more people discovering music via the internet?

Great, I just wish they’d pay for it.  Anything that is free gets taken for granted, and music is way too important to take for granted.

What is your feeling on having your music featured on TV shows and commercials?

Gotta eat.

Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia is one of our favorite records of all time. Please explain the process of making this record and what mind state the band was in at the time.

It was the last record we rehearsed songs for before we went into the studio.  The last one that didn’t start on Pro Tools (even if it was the first to all go through Pro Tools).  We spent two months locked in a cold warehouse type space and then took a year to mix it.  It was the first with Brent DeBoer so there were a lot of unknowns.

Do you have any heroes?

Keith Richards, Kevin Shields, William Gibson

What do you think the world needs more of?

What the world needs now is love, sweet love.

When the impending Zombie Apocalypse comes (and we both know it will), what will be your weapon of choice?

My impeccable sense of style.

If you could teach the children of the world one thing that would stick with them for life, what would it be?

In the words of Monty Python “M-hmm. Well, it’s nothing very special. Uh, try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.”

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