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Prince killed it last night. Not much else to say. If you never seen him before, GO SEE PRINCE!

Songs from the video were “1999” and “Little Red Corvette.”

Avicii and Chase & Status – Preview

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Following Coachella weekend we have back-to-back electrifying performances at the Music Box in Hollywood.

Friday night is Swedish DJ and lady killer Avicii spinning house, electronica and groove beats to what is sure to be a good looking crowd of mostly ladies. Producer, remixer and DJ Avicii (born Tim Bergling), is only 21 and has already released top 20 tracks on the national charts of Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands. He topped the UK Singles Chart with a remix with lyrics called “Seek Bromance.” This track also reached #1 on the Beatports charts. Look out for him to drop his smash hits “Street Dancer,” “My Feelings for You,” and “Tweet It”.

“Avicii is kind of like Dante’s Inferno … it’s the lowest level of hell in Buddhism. A friend of mine told me about it, and it stuck in my head. I was going to make up a name for my MySpace page for the first time, and I just kind of went for it. I tried a couple of other before, but they were all taken (laughing). I kind of ended up with Avicii, and then I got really attached to it.” – Avicii

More info on the show HERE

Saturday get ready for London based electronic duo Chase and Status, who is Saul Milton (Chase) and Will Kennard (Status). These guys topped the UK Dance Charts 3 times in 2007 with “Hurt You”/”Sell Me Your Soul” and once in 2008 with “Take Me Away”/”Judgement (Informer)”. They have collaborated with the likes of Plan B on the single “Pieces” and UK rapper Kano on “Against All Odds”. Chase and Status’ debut album “More Than Alot” reached #2 on the UK Dance Album Chart and received best album of the year award at the Drum & Bass Awards in Birmingham, UK in 2009.

Check out the Chase & Status Myspace page.

Buy Chase & Status tickets HERE

Avicii – Penguin

Chase and Status – Let You Go (Nero Remix)


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The biggest disappointment Friday was that I only got to see about 10 minutes of Lauryn Hill. Partly because she came on about 15 minutes late, and partly because my favorite dance producer at the  moment, international Superstar Afrojack, was just getting on stage. Afrojack has some of the best productions I’ve heard in years. And was either a part of,  or the inspiration for (I’m still not sure), my #1 track of 2010, Major Lazer’s “Pon de Floor.” We just shot Afrojack at the Fonda a few weeks ago, but this time I got fucked up and got to unwind and party my ass off in the crowd.

The rest of the night was pretty solid. Crystal Castles gave a pretty tame performance. Interpol was good. The Amazing Chemical Brothers went on super late, causing me to miss most of Boys Noize’s set, but what I did see of BN was pretty amazing. I caught the set of the newly super-hyped Odd Future. I’m new to the bandwagon, but I’m not sure anyone was feeling their loud, noisy, live interpretation of their offbeat Hip-Hop.

Spencer & Hill – Cool (Afrojack Remix)



Arcade Fire came correct. After their questionable song choice on the Grammy’s, I was wondering if Arcade Fire was going in a different direction after their massive success. They were. Up. Every song of their set sounded like a hit. Every song, note, chord, they played had an intensity and urgency to it. It was like Arcade Fire knew they made been making incredible albums that finally enough people were hearing. Their new songs sounded as good as their best older ones. An absolutely flawless performance topped off with glowing, bouncing balls, and maybe the first ever Coachella Encore.

The runner up of the weekend for the Sahara (Dance) Tent had to be Laidback Luke. I’ve seen Luke a few times and he always has some big room tunes that blow my mind. This time was the first time however I heard him drop some dubstep. He had some big electro build ups to these nasty, hard Dubstep drops. Fire. With Skrillex and Magnetic Man on the bill I was not expecting to walk away from Coachella crowning Luke the dubstep King.

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs



Kanye West’s performance was definitely the highlight of the weekend. It was the performance I was most excited about seeing leading up to Coachella. I knew that the superstar was going to give a big performance, but I couldn’t have imagined how grandiose it would actually be. The dude pretty much flew out of the crowd after a 5 minute operatic intro to start his performance. And it got even more self-indulgent from there. There were no guest appearances, no solo numbers from the musicians or the DJ, just a whole lot of Kanye. And he pulled off the excess with the kind of success and glamor I haven’t seen since Michael Jackson. And this guy is a RAPPER! This kind of performance was unprecedented. These are the kind of things that bring me to Coachella every year.

I felt like Duck Sauce had some of the biggest hype coming into Sunday. I was hearing people whistle “ooh-ooh ooh-ooh” from “Barbara Steisand” in about every tent. Their set was a steady pulse of heavy Disco House but I didn’t think it ever hit the high points of sets by Laidback and Afro. In fact it was the brother of Duck Sauce’s A-trak who slayed the crowd later that night with his group Chromeo. Overall Coachella was a great fucking party….. as always.

Kanye West – Hey Momma



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Golden Bloggen was lucky enough to cover Australian electronic duo The Presets’ performance last night at Club Nokia. Los Angeles crowds are notorious for standing around, maybe a little head bobbing, but this was not the case! The energy from their opening song to the encore was electrifying and was perfectly coupled with dramatic stage lighting. The performance as a whole was truly spectacular. Check out the photo gallery HERE.

The Presets smashed the theater with their big hits: “My People”, “This Boy’s in Love” and “Talk Like That”. If you are not familiar with these slamming tunes head over to The Presets Myspace Page

The Presets are massive in Australia and have toured with well known acts like Daft Punk, Ladytron and 2 Many DJ’s. They have won ARIA Awards for “Best Dance Release” and “Album of the Year” for Apocalypso in 2008. That album is a classic that we are still spinning! If you have a chance to check them out at Coachella or whenever they are in your town, it’s highly recommended!

Opening for The Presets was Nosaj Thing and MAN that guy really DJs. He stays so busy triggering cues and playing with effects, it’s like he’s creating the entire song on the fly for the crowd. He does amazing things with what looked like an all-Ableton set on a single controller. Inspiring for bedroom DJs across America!

Big thanks to Parallel Management for putting together a great event.


The Presets – If I Know You

The Presets – This Boys in Love (Lifelike Remix)

The Presets – The Girl and the Sea (Cut Copy Remix)


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So GB contributor Austin shared some amazing news with me today. Apparently Prince announced last night on the George Lopez show that he will be playing 21, thats right TWENTY-ONE shows at the LA Forum this year starting on April 14th. I can’t even wrap my head around that. It sound ridiculous, but oh so exciting. Prince is pretty much the greatest musician of our lifetime, and a GB staple. If you haven’t seen him in concert, you have got to check out his live performance.

And speaking of upcoming shows. Me and Austin (Kool Ethan & Sepulveda) will be spinning at Bardot in Hollywood TONIGHT. Make your way down, it is gonna be a fucking party y’all!

Here are some classic Prince party jams to hold you over in the meantime-

Prince – 1999

Prince – Partyup

Prince – Little Red Corvette


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Bag Raiders and Classixx (pictured above) killed the V lounge in Santa Monica last Saturday. I think the place is shut down now becuase these motherfuckers burned it down. Classixx spun their trademark Disco House, but with a set that contained a lot less of their popular blog bangers than you may expect. But their set and the crowd was not affected by that at all. The floor was packed with a bunch of sweaty, dancing ragers.

And then it was Bag Raiders’ turn to make their live debut. Sometimes when electronic acts bring the “live” aspect into their performance they forget the very important fact that their fans love electronic music, and their set morphs into rock or some other genre. But Bag Raiders did not make that mistake. Their live performance translated very well and was about as dancey and upbeat as you could ask for. Yet another great night of music put on by Collaborative Media and Guns in the Sun. Can’t wait for the next V Lounge Show.


Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

Bag Raiders – Sunlight

Bag Raiders – Fun Punch (Bag Raiders Remix)

Holy Ghost! – I Will Come Back (Acapulco Classixx Nights Version)